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Unit Testing

Sneha Reddy M
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I am new to unit testing can anybody pls tell me what is unit testing in SAP HR what is the scope for it





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    Devi N
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    Unit testing is testing a development or a piece of configuration on its own. Integration testing is used later and tests all developments and configuration together.


    Unit testing is refer to the module which are going to implement.HR,PP, SD, MM, FICO etc. there will be test script based on that testing will be performed. 


    Integration testing will be cross the modules. HR-MM-SD-FICO-HR  for example.  Integration testing is also called SIT ( System integration testing) .


    Like submodule wise: Unit testing is refer to the sub module which are going to implement like OM, Pa, TM, PY, compensation, Benefits.



    Good luck


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    Srini vas
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    For  performing unit  testing


    You have to create a test scenario in template  consisting of  testing result result, and your comments 


    Sl No     Scenario                 Output                            Result                              Remarks

    1            Hrinig Actions         Hiringa new employee              OK     


    let me know on which module you want perform the testing so that i can mail you the documets.




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    Sikindar T
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    The Configuration which u have done shd be tested node by node


    in all the Modules


    The Process that u have Mentioned in BBP from AS IS to TO BE must be checked .....................

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    Hemant Mahale
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    Unit Testing :-

    Shows that the developed software unit meets the technical requirements of the design.


    Test basis :- Design specifications,UML model

    Resulting assets :-Unit Test plan,Unit test report,Automated unit test scripts

    Preparation & execution :- software developer

    Test Infrastructure :- development environment



    Also Pls Refer the following thread


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    Hemant V. Mahale

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    Lokeswar Reddy
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    In my opinion,


    Unit testing is more like trailer of a movie where you concentrate more on the interesting/specific part, to say a requirement/function.


    Integration test is more like a movie where you concentrate on pleasing all the audience in theatre, to say everything is looking good with all the modules.


    Regression testing is like watching serials.




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    Irina Donciu
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    Hi Sneha,


    You might find this webinar on SAP unit testing useful.


    DevOps Deep Dive Webinar: SAP unit testing in a continuous delivery world


    Best regards,