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Cross Company STO - Billing Type as Default

Ajinkya P
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Dear All,

Just wanted to know in Cross company code STO scenario during creation of Billing document with reference to Delivery document (Delivery type NLCC) can we make the BILLING TYPE (for e.g.YSTO) as DEFAULT.


The purpose is that the end-user should not enter the wrong billing type (for e.g. IV) during creation of Billing document.


Awaiting your valuable reply.



Ajinkya P

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    Murali Mohan
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    Dear Ajinkya P,


    This is possible through copy control settings between NLCC and YSTO.


    But NLCC is the standard delivery document type so not advaisable to change the settings for standard document type.

    So you copy the standard NLCC type as ZNLCC through OVLK transaction


    Go to VTFL transaction here you maintain settings at Heade and item only between ZNLCC and YSTO.

    That means ZNLCC and YSTO document types should not assign any other billing types or delivery types in the copy control settings as source and target documents.


    Only onentry shoul available in VTFL transaction

    That is


    YSTO as Tgt and ZNLCC as Source


    I hope this will help you,



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    ramanathan raja
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    In standard The delivery type used for intercompany STO is NLCC and the billing type is IV

    Whenever you want to invoice this STO system will default pickup billing type IV

    No  extra Settings needed to this


    If you have a customized delivery type as ZNLCC and customized billing type ZSTO then whenever  you want to invoice this delivery type ZNLCC and if you want system to pick up ZSTO then maintain copy controls between ZNLCC and ZSTO only in VTFL (as Mr. Murali suggested)


    If you maintain only one entry in VTFL default it will pick up