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Assign User to Business Partner

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I created a new business partner in CRM. I want to assign a user to this business partner. I could not find employee role(BUP003) in the BP transaction. The system is configured, so that the employees are transferred only from HR. So, I cannot assign a user to the business partner.


   1) Can I assign a user to a business partner, with out creating the business partner in employee role


   2) If I transfer HR Employees to CRM, is the user assigned to employee in HR automatically transferred.




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    Gunawan Hasim
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    Hi Rajesh,


    My opinion based on experience :

    1. You can assign user to BP, but the field entry for user

       ID is located under Role Employee. This means you still

       need to create Role Employee for that BP (see tab

       Identification in Role Employee).


    2. If HR employees transferred to CRM, it will

       automatically generate Role Employee in CRM and fill

       up automatically Personnel Number in tab Identification


    User ID need to be assigned seperately (not from HR),

    because user ID may different from HR in R/3 with

    user ID exist in CRM.


    Hope this helps.



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      Muthu Krishnan
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      Hi Rajesh,


      mine comments to your queries


      1.You can edit the employee record in CRM, after transfer from HR.


      2.User won't get transferred automatically, we need to assign in BP(Identification tab).


      Did you check in your configuration the User field is active in SPRO under the Employee role?


      hope this will help you.




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        divya priya
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        Hi Rajesh,


        Can tell me where to check the user field in SPRO whether it is active or not.Please say me the navigation or the Tcode.




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          Michaël Van Geet
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          The user is definitely transfered from HR to CRM if you want it to. It's located in the 105 infotype I think. You'll need to set it up in the distribution model in HR (BD64).


          There might be a problem if the user doesn't exist in CRM, but it possible to activate having the user without it being created in CRM. You can set this up in table T77S0 (customizing HR integration), using entry HRALX & USRAC.



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            Thanks everyone ,


               Is there a table or transaction that gives me the list of business partners and associated users.



            Divya, to Check if the user field is hidden / mandatory , go to SPRO >> Cross Application Components >> SAP Business Partner >> Business Partner >> Basic Setting s >> Field Groupings >> Configure Field Attributes  per BP Role.





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