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Adding an image (logo) to webi report

barry bowen
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Seeking if possible to add an image (logo.jpg) to a webi report, as how to achieve this.  thanks !!!!

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    Deepti Bajpai
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    Hi Barry,



    The image inserted must be in either Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) or Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format.


    GIF format supports 256 colors and is useful if a logo or icon is to be inserted in to the document. It allows for background transparency so that the underlying color of the web page can show through. This is useful when inserting an image in a cell that contains data.


    JPEG supports 16 million colors. It is best suited for photographs and complex graphics. JPEG images are static whereas GIF images can be animated.


    Image files are often located on a secured web server on a corporate network. To insert an image in a report, link a selected area of the report to an image file on the web server either by filename or by URL and filename.




    To solve the above issue follow the below steps:


    To link to the images by filename, type the filename in to the cell (for example, <INSTALL DIR>\Images). WebIntelligence automatically adds boimg:// before the filename. This links to the file on the BusinessObjects server (for example: boimg://image.gif).


    Usie the URL and the filename to insert the image when the image files are located on a separate web server. The entire URL and filename is entered in to the cell (for example, http://www.internal.businesscompany.com/images/company_logo.jpg).


    The image"s size is defined when it is created. The size can not be modified using WebIntelligence.



    Hope this helps.




    Deepti Bajpai

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    Deepti Bajpai
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    Hi Barry,



    To add an image using the HTML Report Panel to a Web Intelligence report:



    Here are the steps:


    Save the image in <installation directory>\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\Images.

    Verify that the image is in .gif, .bmp, or .jpg format.

    Open the Web Intelligence report.

    Click Chart and Table Types from the left drop-down list.

    Click Report Elements to Drag and Drop > Cells > Formula and Text Cells > Blank Cell.

    Drag a blank cell to the report.

    Right-click the blank cell. Click Format > Cell.

    Click the Read Content as: Image URL option.

    Type the image name as follows: boimg://<file name> (for example, boimg://reportimage.jpg).

    Click Apply.

    The image will appear in the report.



    Please let me know if this works.




    Deepti Bajpai