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posting key

venkat bolla
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Posting Key     Description     Debit/Credit     Account Type

21     Credit memos     Debit??     Vendor

22     Reverse invoice     Debit??     Vendor

24     Other Receivables     Debit     Vendor

25     Outgoing payment     Debit??     Vendor

26     Payment difference     Debit     Vendor

27     Clearing     Debit??     Vendor

28     Payment clearing     Debit     Vendor

29     Special G/L debit     Debit     Vendor

31     Invoice     Credit     Vendor

32     Reverse credit memo     Credit     Vendor

34     Other Payables     Credit     Vendor

35     Incoming Payment     Credit     Vendor

36     Payment difference     Credit     Vendor

37     Other Clearing     Credit     Vendor

38     Payment Clearing     Credit     Vendor

39     Special G/L credit     Credit     Vendor



could u please explain each posting key what kind of situation we r using  in sap with example

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    K.Hari Prasad
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    The description above clearly states the purpose also


    Payment clearing - will be when you make a payment and clear the original invoice alongwith

    Special GL - will be used for any advance requests, advance payments, guarantees, etc


    Thank You,

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    Surya Naveen
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    Hi ,


    Posting key is two digit numerical key.It control the line items while doing the transaction.system doesnt know which is the debit and which is the credit ,so posting key we are using as debit and credit.


    Coming to the those posting key we can use in different senarios




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    Michael Gerard Leo
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    Hi Venkat,

    Just to explain you a few of them -


    21 Credit memos Debit?? Vendor

    The posting key '21' can be used for creating credit memos to Vendors, wherein you debit the Vendor and credit GRIR/expense.


    22 Reverse invoice Debit?? Vendor

    PK 22 is used for reversing an invoice. Here, this PK is used to debit the vendor as the vendor would have been credited in the original invoice.


    24 Other Receivables Debit Vendor

    PK 24 can be used for posting certain miscellaneous entries wherein you debit the vendor account.


    25 Outgoing payment Debit?? Vendor

    PK 25 is used in payments to vendor. Here again you debit the vendor and credit your bank.


    The system uses some of the PKs by default for standard transactions. We can make a good judgement of the nature of the PKs from the description itself and use them accordingly.