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Manpower Planning

Abhishek Kotha
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Dear All,


How the Manpower Planning and Head Count Maintenance is done in SAP..?


I have tried with OM module using the Quota Planning Infotype, but it is not having the inheritance wrt Head Counts.


Can any one pls suggest me how to do Manpower Planning in SAP....?


Are there any reports or some alternate procedure for the same...?



Thanks in Advance


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    Sikindar T
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    This Can be Done From BW side .....


    From HR side we have a Limited Role

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    Manikya Raju .Potnuru
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    In SAP HR we have Organization Management which is also called as Personnel Planning

    You can use various Plan Versions and simulate scenarios

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    Dilek Adak
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    For man power planning use SEM-BPS module.





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    Manikya Raju .Potnuru
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    there is a sap standard query that counts heads per personnel area/sab area.

    call transaction SQ01. go to "Environment --> Query areas". in the opened

    window choose "Global area (cross client)". Go to "Other user group" icon.

    In the opened window choose "/SAPQUERY/H2" (description: HR: Personnel



    Check this

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    Manikya Raju .Potnuru
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    You can try standard reports transaction:

    S_L9C_94000095 Headcount Change

    S_AHR_61016373 Headcount Development

    You can get report according to action types and see whether it is fit your

    requirement or not.


    In term of sorting by organization level. Two options:


    1) You might be able to use report RHPNPSUB ""Starting HR Reporting via

    Personnel Planning Structures" combine with the aboved reports (Headcount

    change or Headcount development) and evaluation path O_S_P_O to get the data

    along the organization structure.


    2) Having a code structure in Object Abbreviation (IT1000) of object O with

    the structure level and runs the headcount reports, then sort field "object

    abbreviation". SAP does not have field to identify level of object type O.

    So we apply field Object abbreviation to including level structure.

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    Nolasco D'souza
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    if you are speaking of the Start of the year manpower planning hiring .....


    1. you need to first create planning types & periods

       (SPRO->PM->OM-Infotype settings-> Quota planning)

    2. go to PP01 and select the Org unit

        create the infotype Quota planning.

    3. here you can select the Jobs that you want to plan for.

        (Quota planning as per defined by sap is Planning for Jobs to be created under org units.)

    4. The same can be created in planned status and then be approved.

    5. Also you may need to go through the reports in easy access menu OM-> Tools-> Quota Planning

    S_PH0_48000088 - Delete Unoccupied Positions on Key Date

    S_PH0_48000087 - Copying Quota Planning into Another Planning Type

    S_PH0_48000086 - Copying the Current Required Positions into a Planning Type

    S_PH0_48000085 - Freeze Planned Quota

    S_PH0_48000084 - Generation of Positions for Quota Planning


    Hope this helps.