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Can not deply MDM package on CE 7.1 EHP1

Vladimir Grigoryev
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When I try to deploy  MDM  7.1  packages:

BPMDMTECH00_0.sca BPMDMAPP00_0.sca  f to

Composition Environment 7.1 EHP1 using NWDS deployment view,


I  receive error:

"  The parameter\s in String

"${com.sap.portal.deploy.pcd}" is\are not defined and could not be substituted. "


So I have not some variable that usually set in SDM,

but it is not presented in EHP1.

(or may be presented in some other place?)


How to correct this ?


may be set this variable can help,

but which way it possible to do this?


Or there are better way to deploy MDM packages?






Or if above scenario is impossible -

On which newest portal I can Deploy MDM 7.1 packages ?



Or - is it normally to try to deploy package manually copying it to pct?

how to do it correctly?

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    Venkat Vadlamannati
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    Hi Vladimir Grigoryev ,


    I am facing the exact same issue - If you come to know the solution please let me know.




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      Boris Todorov
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      Hi Guys, Here is what I found in another forum on this:




      While deploying MDM portal content to SAP NetWeaver CE,

      MDM_JAVA_API was deployed successfully but BP_MDM_APPLICATION and

      BP_MDM_TECHNOLOGY encountered error during deployment


      Reason and Prerequisites


      The MDM Portal Content delivered with MDM 5.5 and MDM 7.1 is designed for NW 7.0. The content is packaged as follows:

      1) BP_MDM_APPLICATION u2013 BPMDMAPPLIxx_xx.sca

      2) BP_MDM_TECHNOLOGY u2013 BPMDMTECHNxx_xx.sca

      In addition, it requires the deployment of the MDM Java API and connector component:

      3) MDM_JAVA_API u2013 MDMJAVAAPIxx_xx.sca




      MDM standard Portal content (iViews) are supported on SAP NetWeaver 2004 and SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s). At this time, there are no plans to migrate the content to be compatible to SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1.

      (You are welcome to submit a development request if you view this issue to be mission critical for you organization u2013 refer to see SAP Note 1156293)

      A set of Web Dynpro based components for NW 7.1 (CE) are currently under development and are planned to be released in one of the future MDM releases.

      The Change Tracker Web Dynpro application, is supported on SAP NetWeaver CE as of MDM version 7.1 SP03 release.

      Custom development can be done in all versions of NetWeaver using the MDM Java APIs.



      It is sad, really... I'm trying to deploy the latest MDM 7.1 version and I can't either, but there is this demo, provided by SAP, which demonstrates the EhP1 using MDM. How they do it - no clue.

      [Expanding the Reach of MDM Solution with SAP BPM|http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/elearn?rid=/library/uuid/c01fb5f4-5274-2c10-91a2-8e94085e7718&overridelayout=true]


      I definitely need some answers here...




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        Benjamin Houttuin
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        Dear Boris,


        What you found and posted already is the answer...


        CE Portal and NW7.0 Portal are two complete different worlds.

        Actually its beter to possition it like this:

        - CE is a Composition Environment with a minor/small Portal implementation on it. (runs on SAP JVM)

        - NW7.0 Portal is the full blown portal shipped for the business packeges. (runs on older 1.4.2 JVM)


        Both are not interchangable on all aspects. SAP told us on last TechEd that the "next major release" will be a merger of both.

        Untill that "next major release" is there you need both NW7.0 EP and CE.


        Federated Portal Network (Portal Federation) is the answer to use both transparantly for the end-user.

        (CE is a content Provider to NW70, wich is a Consumer).


        Cheers and Good luck,


        Benjamin Houttuin