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"A statement is expected here" error with formula

Reena Kshatriya
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I am getting "A statement is expected here" error in one of my report with a formula field. When I delete that formula from my report it works fine.

This is how I pass the value to assign it to the formula


Dim crFFDef As FormulaFieldDefinition


For liI = 1 To .FormulaFields.count

            Set crFFDef = .FormulaFields(liI)

            FormulaName = crFFDef.Name

            Select Case LCase(FormulaName)

                Case "{@pcopy}"

                    crFFDef.Text = " "

                Case Else

            End Select



Here @pcopy is my formula.

This is not hapening on all the machine that has this report on it, only 2 out of the 5 have this problem.

Can someone pinpoint what is the problem with it.