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Cost Center Categories

Madhu Sudhanan
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How to create Cost Center categories? Should we assign CC categories for creating a Cost center?

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    Madhu Sudhanan
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    can anyone pls help me


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    Sikindar T
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    Firstly Cost Centre will be created by Controlling People


    we as HR will asign it Check with ur FICO people how they are going to categorise and on wht basis they want to categorise and how it effects HR and wht we shd do from our side if actegorise happens




    KS01 - Create

    KS02 - Change

    KS03 - Display

    KS04 u2013 Delete


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    Sathi Sankar
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    Cost Center Categories can be created in the table:  V_TKA05. No need to assign these cost Center categories for creating Cost Centers.




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    Devi N
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    Actually cost centers creation by FI people, Sometime if they are not available might be we need to create the cost centers. But as a functional consultant we need to know creation of cost centers and cost elements it is basic knowledge for posting to FI.


    Cost center categories used for activity type planning.

    Ex; allow activity type Phr(production hours) to be planned on all cost centers with category production cost centers.  This means the activity type cannot be planned on an admin cost centers by mistake.


    CCC for activation/deactivation or lock for following indicators.

    Lock primiary cost centers

    Lock secondary cost centers

    Lock primary cost planning

    lock secondary cost planning.


    Categories of cost centers:


    Production cost centers

    Admin cost centers

    Service cost centers


    these categories we will use in cost center hierarchy, based on this we will difrenctiate the cost centers.

    These CCC will assign to fucntional areas in the table of V_TKA05.

    It will allow for lock and activation/deactivation indicators.


    Prior to creating any cost centers in your controlling area, you must first complete the standard hierarchy as it is the central cost center hierarchy and acts as the one repository for all the cost centers.


    KSH2 - Standard Hierarchy

    Enter your Company Code which is the highest node

    Click Lower Level (insert cost center group)

    Then click Insert Cost Center


    To create cost center refer following link