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Reconcile SAP BI data with ECC

magge kris
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Hello Guru's,


I am trying to reconsile data in SAP BI aganist ECC.

The extractor is using the standard funtion module to pull the records in to BI.

Previously i worked on reconciling by writing the ABAP Programs on ECC and BI side

and compared it field by field . But i do not have that much of time to write the

Program . I saw some documents on creating the remote cubes and PSA reconcile and working on it.

what is the best way to validate the data or reconsile the data . I am in 2004s.




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    Surendra Kumar Reddy Koduru
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    For this you need Functional consultants help alos.

    Eg: For SD, Cube is 0SD_C03, this data you can check in VB* tables else as SD Team is there any Transaction codes for Sales related?.


    Eg: For MM, Cube is 0IC_C03, this you can check with MB5B, MC.9, MB5T, MMBE, using this Tcode you can check data in ECC.


    Eg: Procurement also i.e. 0PUC_C01 Cube like in the same way.





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    V K
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    For most of the Standard extractors in ECC, you will always a similar or detailed level report in ECC functional module. e.g. If you are comparing CO objects, ECC has standard reports like GCAC or KCAC e.t.c

    So consultant your functional team for transactions/report names to reconcile specific  modules.


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    Jagadish Sanker
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    Automatic reconcilation can be done,but performance wise it will effect if data volume is huge.

    Since data should be extarcted while reporting from source system directly.


    Hence executing the report in BI side ( & checking the data in targets) and in ECC also there will be ceratin reports( these reports you can get from respective funcyional people) where you can execute and compare the data between BI and ECC.