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SAP BW or BO ? Which is better and why

Chinmay Herwadkar
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I dont know much about SAP BW so I am not able to compare which one is better.


It would be great if someone could help me comparing these tools.

Which one is better and why ?


If a user is already using SAP BW and planning to start using SAP BO what could be the features he would go for ?


I am thinking from the sales perspective for Business Objects to a BW user.





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    Pratik Anan
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    Someone might be able to provide you with the comparitive chart or a tabular format to make you understand the differences but I would say that SAP itself has designed the roadmap for the product integration wherever it suited the needs.


    I would like you go through the roadmap of SAP BI and BO integration and you would be able to yourself compare what is in and what is out and why.


    Please give the below link a look:-




    Happy reading.


    Please let us know if you need any further explanation to this.



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      Chinmay Herwadkar
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      Thanks for the link provided I already checked that link, but the problem with presentations is there is no explanations.


      Would appreciate a explanatory document or a comparison list.


      I got these pointers from one of the posts :

      1. WYSIWYG reporting (Crystal Reports)

      2. Export functionality (PDF, MSOffice etc)

      3. Able to merge SAP with non-SAP data in the same report.

      4. Able to merge data from various sources in the same report.

      5. More chart types.

      6. Report bursting

      7. Reduced development time for dashboards (XCelsius)

      8. SAP roadmap


      Looking for more concrete pointers with explanations.

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        Sebastian Wiefett
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        Hi chinmayfun,


        there is a lot of differences between the Products. The BW is more like a Datasource for BO. A logical Datasource for BO. A RDBMS (f.e. Oracle, MS SQL...) dont has to be a logical Datasource, its only a relational Datasource. On these Datsources you have to build the Logic on top with a Universe f.e.


        BO isnt a Datasource. BO are analytical tools for your Datasource and BW can be such a Datasource.


        At the end the BO tools are on top of your Datasource. No matter if a OLAP (f.e. BW) or a RDBMS (f.e. Oracle, MS SQL...) Datasource