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WM process flow diagram

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Can anybody help me to get process flow diagram of any standard WMS in SAP?

I appriciate your help



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    Bhaskar C.R
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    Process Flow of the WM is spread across various modules as seen below.


    Transfer of Requirment and Transfer Order are the documents which are relevant for WM.


    The Warehouse Management application is fully integrated into the SAP R/3 system.

    Transactions that are initiated in other SAP components result in corresponding tasks in WM

    which activate the actual physical transfers within the warehouse.


    A few of these activities include:


    Material movements and changes in material status, such as releasing goods from inspection

    Material staging to production supply areas

    Picking and shipping goods for sales orders


    Most activities that take place within WM are initiated in Inventory Management. For example,

    most goods receipts, goods issues and posting changes are initiated in IM and subsequently

    processed in WM.

    WM is also interfaced to Sales and Distribution (SD) through the Shipping module to process

    delivery documents for both the integrated WM application and the decentralized WM system.

    The WM interface to Quality Management (QM) allows warehouse administrators to track and

    manage inspection lots that are stored in the warehouse.

    WM is also interfaced to the Production Planning (PP) system to assist in providing materials to

    supply areas in production.

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    Ajay Das
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    A typical process flow could be like:


    Creat GR


    Create TR for putaway


    Create TO




    Create Outbound Delivery


    Create TR for this delivery


    Create TO


    Confirm TO.


    Warm Regards,

    Ajay Das.

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    Kaushik Choudhury
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    Hi Amit ,


    In addition to the processes suggested above we have lot many differrent areas where warehouse play its role like Goods issue of the material stored in Warehouse managed storage location, Handling unit & Warehouse managed storage location , decentralized warehouse etc ...



    I guess that SAP best practice building block is a nice option to start with & then learning/evolving new scenerios with time . You can find the business flow diagram in SAP best practice material




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    devendra ..
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    HI ,


    Refer the general scenario followed most commonly in WM,


    A) IN MM At the time of good receipt MIGO


    1.creation of transfer requirement takes place. Material Goes to Interim Storage type (902)


    2. Transfer order from TR is created ( we get destination storage type) --  In LT04 or LT06


    3. Confirmation of TO.(Put away completed )     In LT12


    B) IN PP


    1. Requirement we get from MD11,MD04,CO01.(staging , BOM Explosion etc.)


    this time Generally TR, will be created Automatically( As per setting).


    With LB10 TR to TO


    TO will be confirmed in staging process.(Quantity of picked materials will be reduced )


    (Hear the raw material will be consumed. & TR for finished material will be created.)


    With LB10 we can perform creation of TO.


    TO for finished material will be confirmed when it will placed in the destination Bin.


    Hear we will get the Finished good in the Unrestricted stock.


    C)IN SD.


    Creation of sale order: VA01

    Creation of Outbound deliveryu2019s TO. VL01

    TO confirmation after reaching to destination.LT03 then LT12 to confirm.