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Onyedika O.
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SRM Experts,


I'm having a hard time with items purchased from our internal MDM catalog that have a commercial UoM that does not match the ALE/EDI ISO Code.


For instance, I'm able to have an item transferred into to my cart that has a unit of measure A (ampere), and an ALE/EDI iso of AMP. However I still get errors in the Backend monitor "Purchase order still has faulty items". The dimensions exist in both SRM and R/3. However I am able to get this to work if I make the commercial Uom and the ALE/EDI iso the same (eg: AMP or A for both UoM & EDI Iso).


Has anyone run into this issue? If so how did you resolve it, because changing EDI Iso's means we are sending out the wrong ISO for our EDI transactions, and changing the UoM means we are using non-standard UoM.


Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is causing us some real headache where UoM & EDI ISO are not the same.



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    Masayuki Sekihara
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    SRM-MDM Catalog should transfer ISO UOM.

    Please check followings.

    - Where from did you get the UOM data to SRM-MDM Catalog ?

    - Does UOM-ISO field have correct value ?

    - Which field is mapped to Order UOM ? ISO or Commercial ?



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      Onyedika O.
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      1) We exported the information out of our R/3. These are our material master data with info record data as well as sourcelist for values such as price, fixed source of supply etc.


      2) Yes, I believe UOM-ISO has the correct value. Even SAP provided values fail if Commercial & ISO don't match eg: (A/AMP for Ampere or PAA/PR for pair).


      3) We are currently mapping NEW-ITEM-UNIT to Unit of Measure - UoM ISO Code



      Eg: a material with PAA UoM in MDM and commercial PAA will fail because the  ISO code in the dimensions was PR. When I changed the ISO to PAA, it worked. However I thought SAP allowed you create your own internal UoM but use a standard ISO for EDI/ALE, so if I wanted to create PA2 (for 2 pair) but still have PR as the ISO I should be able to, however it does not work. Not until I make PA2 the ISO as well. Same occurs with Kelvin (commercial=k & ISO=KEL,) Ampere (commercial=a & ISO=AMP), etc


      Perhaps I have the setup wrong in which case I'll appreciate direction on how this should work.