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Function Modules...In SAP CRM

Sudhansu Maharana
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In SAP CRM 5.0 i observed that there are different types of standard function modules available.


Some FM names are ended with ...OW , EC, etc(i,e CRM_ORDER_I_MAINTAIN_MULTI_OW etc )....I just want to  know what is the significance of this type of FMs. Like this if any other such FMs are also exists then please share.


It would be great if anybody can explain me about the above.




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    Masayuki Akiyama
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    Hi Sudhansu,


    This is related CRM one order concept.

    CRM Order is consisted by following four layer.

    And each have specified function module


      Layer               short     Long

    -UserInterface Layer                     UI     UserInterface

    -Interaction Layer          IL     Interaction Layer

    -Object Layer          OB     Object Buffer

                   OW     Object Workarea(?)

    -Database Layer          DB     Database Buffer

                   DU     Database update


    And other function has specified name also.

    Other               short     Long

    -Event               EC     Event Call

    -Customizing Data          CB     Customizing Buffer

    -Archive               AC     Archive



    If you develop BAdI, you should use the FM on Object Layer because of

    to keep data consistansy.