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Return sales order stock cost

Somchai Sittichaisrichart
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Hi there,


I have an issue about return sales order stock cost when recieved stock from project sales order. (I'm using moving average cost for all materials)


In order to separate normal stock cost from special stock cost, I had created 2 valuation types for each material (normal and project). For normal stock, this kinds of stock shall be purchased via normal processes (PR->PO) when product has been sold, SAP shall get cost from its moving average cost in normal stock valuation type.

For project stock, PR shall be created automatically when project sales order had been created and stock shall be booked into sales order stock. When porduct has been sold, SAP shall get cost from purchasing order.


When goods return from normal stock, SAP shall get cost for receiving stock from current average cost. (tha's ok)

But when goods return from project sales order, SAP shall get 0 for receiving stock that caused incorrect stock value for this kind of valuation type. (My technical team used movement type 453 in order to allow user to input cost of stock manually.)


- Why SAP does not back to get cost from its related sales order or billing?

- Is there any process to let SAP to find out cost from related sales order or billing itself rather than let use manually in put?



All answers are appreciated.





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    Somchai Sittichaisrichart
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    The requirement of this issue is we would like to use movement

    type 653 which sap standard and stock should be determined in


    order stock not ur stock.Please see the detail we have already

    tested the system as below;

    1. Create Sales Order with item cate TAB and movement type


    with special stock indicator E.(PR will be generated automatic)

    and we

    use valuation type 'project' for separate cost and we called this

    process is sales order stock.

    SO no. Mat.Code QTY Cost Val.type

    10 A 1 9 Project

    Moving Avg. 0 Project

    2. Create PO from PR and then goods received from PO

    3. Go to MMBE to monitor stock you will see the sales order


    Sales Order Stock no. 10 is 1 QTY , cost is 9

    4. Create delivery order with refer sales order no. 10 (VL01N)

    and post goods issue with movement type 601 , special indicator


    Result : Stock will be post from sales order stock no. 10 and

    we monitor cost of goods sold is equal 9

    Dr. Cost of Goods sold 9

    Cr. Stock 9

    Moving Avg. is equal 0

    5. Create Billing with reference delivery order

    Result : Cost of condition type VPRS is 9

    Return process :

    1. Create SO return with reference billing document (VPRS = 9 ,

    Valuation type is 9 )

    2. Create DO return with reference SO return and then post

    goods issue (movement type 653)

    Dr. Stock 0

    Cr. COGS 0

    (The system determine cost from moving avg = 0 )

    Issue :

    For this step we really wonder why the system determined


    avg cost.We thought the system should be determined valuation

    type = 9

    and stock will be transfered to UR stock

    The Requirement ;

    We would like the system to determine valuation type =9 not

    moving avg. (Dr. Stock 9 Cr. COGS 9)

    and stock should be returned to sales order no. 10 when we

    monitor in MMBE not UR Stock

    Please suggest me how we can do the system to meet the user


    and if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact

    us asap