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Material Group Hierarchy

Kapil Gupta
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  We have to create Material Group so that we can specify the hierarchy upto three level.



How this is possible?




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    Ms. Swapnil Saini
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    The material group (base material group) is the level in the material group hierarchy which must be assigned directly to a material when it is created. It is defined across the corporate group and sub-divides the complete material assortment from a business management viewpoint.


    Those material groups which themselves comprise material groups are called material group hierarchy levels. A hierarchy level can have one or more other hierarchy levels (material groups) assigned to it.


    By structuring/linking material groups and material group hierarchy levels in a meaningful way you create the material group hierarchy.




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    anjali satokar
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    Material group hierarchy

    Material groups can be grouped into hierarchies. Every material group can be assigned to one material group hierarchy level.


    You can create as many hierarchy levels as you wish. The lowest material group hierarchy level in a material group hierarchy is always the material group to which the materials are directly assigned.




    Material group hierarchy level 3: Non-food

    Material group hierarchy level 2: Household goods

    Material group hierarchy level 1: Small electrical appliances

    Material group hierarchy level 0: Kitchen gadgets



    Material group creation


    Go to OMSF and here click on "New Entries" button and maintain the Material Group and its Description and save.


    Config Path: - SPRO > Logistics - General > Material Master > Settings for Key Fields > Define Material Groups