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Best practice in HCM

Manish Jaiswal
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1) Can you please advise,what all processes comes under SAP Best Practices for HCM?

2) What all infotypes comes under Payroll implementations?





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    Sikindar T
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    1  Regular Payments  00008 IT


    2. iregualr Payments   0014  0015IT



    ur Statutory deduction like PF , PT  , ESI  adn there reports



    this for india

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    Devi N
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    1. Recruitment

    2. Organization management

    3. Personnel administration

    4. time management

    5. Payroll


    Above sub modules we required to practice sap HCM.


    2. Payroll infotypes;



    Payroll infotypes are vary country to country , but for every country gross infotypes are common to all across countries(ROW).


    Like; if you take india payroll- we required gross infotypes(0000,0001,0002,0006,0007,0008,0014,0015,0267,0416,0185,2001,2002,2005,2006,2010)

    net infotypes(0580 to 0591)

    for USA- gross common infotypes, net infotypes like 0206 to 0210.

    For singapore - gross common infotypes, net infotypes like 0179,0181,0185,0186.




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    ankur garg
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    Hi Manish,

    1) Can you please advise,what all processes comes under SAP Best Practices for HCM?--->


    There are few process come under HCM are :Personnel Administration,Payroll,Time management,Recruitment,Training & Placement etc....*


    2) What all infotypes comes under Payroll implementations?.----->That depend on contoury because payroll is country specific for US 207,208,209,210 are mandatory.


    Please feel free for further discussion.

    Thanks ,

    Ankur Garg.

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    Revathi D
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    You can read every thread in this forum.


    1.Personnel Administration - it deals with the HR Master Data

    2.Organization Management - It deals with the personnel planning all about Business Units,Cost centers etc this will give the picture how your organization look virtually.


    Keep these modules as base must know modules


    3 Time Management - This manages employee times ,leaves,quotas,shifts,working schedules etc working patterns etc


    CATS ,Cross Application Time sheets

    Shift Planning etc are part of Time Management but these are individually separate knowledge of these is not necessary when you start your career going forward it would be helpful to grow.


    4.Payroll- This manages employee payment part and payment including the off cycle payments

    These 4 can be considered to be the basic modules of HCM


    5 Recruitment -Deals with process of recruitment from manpower planning to on-boarding


    Apart from these we have


    6.Benefits -which deals with the fringe benefits (applicable to USA ) and some other countries-I t deals with the insurance ,medical etc


    7,ESS/MSS This is self service module employee self service and manager self service these are Portal based modules


    We have new generation modules


    Such(8) E- Recruitment this deals with the E Recruitment this is portal based modules

    Learning Solution

    Succession Planning

    Personnel Development

    Talent Visualization by Nakisa

    Enterprise compensation Management (this is again a separate module)


    These all part of Talent Management Suite and portal based modules knowing these would give you an edge.


    This module is very upcoming and hot


    To become an effective HCM consultant you need have good business process knowledge combined with the any of 4 to modules (indepth)


    Outside HCM if you knowledge of HR ABAP and MS Excel and MS Word of great advantage.


    To start your choose Personnel Management,Org Management combined with Time Management and Payroll


    Or ESS/MSS with Talent Management


    Search in transaction PA30- Hr Master data and press F4 , you will find entire details 0000 Actions 0001 Organizational Assignment 0002 Personal Data 0003 Payroll Status 0004 Challenge 0005 Leave Entitlement 0006 Addresses 0007 Planned Working Time 0008 Basic Pay 0009 Bank Details 0011 External Transfers 0014 Recurring Payments/Deductions 0015 Additional Payments 0016 Contract Elements 0017 Travel Privileges 0019 Monitoring of Tasks 0021 Family Member/Dependents 0022 Education 0023 Other/Previous Employers 0024 Qualifications 0025 Appraisals 0027 Cost Distribution 0028 Internal Medical Service 0030 Powers of Attorney 0031 Reference Personnel Numbers 0032 Internal Data 0033 Statistics 0034 Corporate Function 0035 Company Instructions 0037 Insurance 0040 Objects on Loan 0041 Date Specifications 0045 Loans 0048 Residence Status 0050 Time Recording Info 0054 Works Councils 0057 Membership Fees 0077 Additional Personal Data 0078 Loan Payments 0080 Maternity Protection/Parental Leave 0081 Military Service 0083 Leave Entitlement Compensation 0105 Communication 0121 RefPerNo Priority 0123 Germany only 0124 Disruptive Factor D 0128 Notifications 0130 Test Procedures 0139 EE's Applicant No. 0165 Deduction Limits 0167 Health Plans 0168 Insurance Plans 0169 Savings Plans 0171 General Benefits Information 0185 Personal IDs 0219 External Organizations 0236 Credit Plans 0262 Retroactive accounting 0267 Add. Off-Cycle Payments w/Acc.***. 0267 Additional Off-Cycle Payments 0283 Archived Objects 0290 Documents and Certificates (RU) 0292 Add. Social Insurance Data (RU) 0293 Other and Previous Employers (RU) 0294 Employment Book (RU) 0295 Garnishment Orders (RU) 0296 Garnishment Documents (RU) 0297 Working Conditions (RU) 0298 Personnel Orders (RU) 0299 Tax Privileges (RU) 0302 Additional Actions 0315 Time Sheet Defaults 0330 Non-Monetary Remuneration 0334 Suppl. it0016 (PT) 0376 Benefits Medical Information 0377 Miscellaneous Plans 0378 Adjustment Reasons 0379 Stock Purchase Plans 0380 Compensation Adjustment 0381 Compensation Eligibility 0382 Award 0383 Compensation Component 0384 Compensation Package 0395 External Organizational Assignment 0396 Expatriation 0402 Payroll Results 0403 Payroll Results 2 0415 Export Status 0416 Time Quota Compensation 0429 Position in PS 0439 Data Transfer Information 0458 Monthly Cumulations 0459 Quarterly Cumulations 0460 Annual Cumulations 0468 Travel Profile (not specified) 0469 Travel Profile (not specified) 0470 Travel Profile 0471 Flight Preference 0472 Hotel Preference 0473 Rental Car Preference 0474 Train Preference 0475 Customer Program 0476 Garnishments: Order 0477 Garnishments: Debt 0478 Garnishments: Adjustment 0483 CAAF data clearing (IT) 0484 Taxation (Enhancement) 0485 Stage 0491 Payroll Outsourcing 0503 Pensioner Definition 0504 Pension Advantage 0529 Additional Personal Data for (CN) 0552 Time Specification/Employ. Period 0553 Calculation of Service 0559 Commuting allowance Info JP 0560 Overseas pay JP 0565 Retirement Plan Valuation Results 0567 Data Container 0569 Additional Pension Payments 0573 Absence for Australia PS 0576 Seniority for Promotion 0579 External Wage Components 0580 Previous Employment Tax Details 0581 Housing(HRA / CLA / COA) 0582 Exemptions 0583 Car & Conveyance 0584 Income From Other Sources 0585 Section 80 Deductions 0586 Section 80 C Deductions 0587 Provident Fund Contribution 0588 Other Statutory Deductions 0589 Individual Reimbursements 0590 Long term reimbursements 0591 Nominations 0592 Public Sector - Foreign Service 0593 Rehabilitants 0597 Part Time Work During ParentalLeave 0601 Absence History 0602 Retirement Plan Cumulations 0611 Garnishments: Management Data 0612 Garnishments: Interest 0614 HESA Master Data 0615 HE Contract Data 0616 HESA Submitted Data 0617 Clinical Details 0618 Academic Qualification 0624 HE Professional Qualifications 0648 Bar Point Information 0650 BA Statements 0651 SI Carrier Certificates 0652 Certificates of Training 0653 Certificates to Local Authorities 0655 ESS Settings Remuneration Statement 0659 INAIL Management 0666 Planning of Pers. Costs 0671 COBRA Flexible Spending Accounts 0672 FMLA Event 0696 Absence Pools 0702 Documents 0703 Documents on Dependants 0704 Information on Dependants 0705 Information on Checklists 0706 Compensation Package Offer 0707 Activation Information 0708 Details on Global Commuting 0709 Person ID 0710 Details on Global Assignment 0712 Main Personnel Assignment 0713 Termination 0715 Status of Global Assignment 0722 Payroll for Global Employees 0723 Payroll for GE: Retro. Accounting 0724 Financing Status 0725 Taxes SA 0742 HDB Concession 0745 HDB Messages in Public Sector 0746 De Only 0747 DE Only 0748 Command and Delegation 0758 Compensation Program 0759 Compensation Process 0760 Compensation Eligibility Override 0761 LTI Granting 0762 LTI Exercising 0763 LTI Participant Data 0783 Job Index 0784 Inquiry Family Court 0785 Pension Equalization Payment 0787 Germany Only 0788 Germany Only 0789 Germany Only 0790 Germany Only 0792 Organizational Additional Data 0794 Pensioner Message A 0795 Certification and Licensing 0796 Duty Assignments 0800 Material Assignment 0802 Sanctions / Offense 0803 Seniority Ranked List 0804 Personal Features 0805 Honors 0806 Course Data 0813 Historical Additional Fees A 0815 Multiple Checks in One Cycle 0845 Work Relationships 0846 Reimbursements 0851 Shukko Cost Charging 0852 Shukko Cost Charging Adjustment 0853 Shukko External Org. Assignment 0860 Sanctions / Offense 0861 Award/Decorations 0863 Verdict 0865 Mobility 0873 Additional Amount - Garnishment FR 0875 Events - My Simplification 0881 Expense Information 0882 Insurability Basic Data 0883 Entitlement Periods 0884 Insurability Calculation 0887 Garnishments (ES) 0900 Sales Data 0901 Purchasing Data 0904 Override Garnishable Amount D 0908 Info. about Annual Income Check 0942 Capital Payment 0976 Municipal Tax per Person 0978 Pension Contribution A 0979 Pension A 2001 Absences 2002 Activity Allocation (Attendances) 2002 Attendances 2002 Cost Assignment (Attendances) 2002 External Services (Attendances) 2002 Order Confs.(Att) 2003 Substitutions 2003 Substitutions: Indiv. Working Times 2004 Availability 2005 Overtime 2006 Absence Quotas 2007 Attendance Quotas 2010 Cost Allocation (EE Rem. Info) 2010 Cost Assignment (EE Rem. Info) 2010 Employee Remuneration Info 2011 Completed Time Events 2011 Time Events 2011 Time Events (CO) 2011 Time Events (PM) 2011 Time Events (PP) 2012 Time Transfer Specifications 2013 Quota Corrections 2050 Annual Calendar 2051 Monthly Calendar 2052 Absence Recording 2052 List Entry for Attendances/Absences 2052 Weekly Calendar w/Cost Assignment 2052 Weekly Entry w/Activity Allocation 3003 Materials Management 3202 Addresses 3215 SWF Staff Details 3216 SWF Contract Details 3217 SWF Qualifications 3893 Time Account Status 3894 Factoring Information BPO 


    Thanks and Regards,


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    Manikya Raju .Potnuru
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    This contains all the Payroll related stuff

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    Manikya Raju .Potnuru
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    SAP Best Practices is a library of offerings based on SAP's 35+ year experience with over 40,000 customers, and the direct collaboration with over 36 partners. SAP Best Practices provide preconfiguration, guides and accelerators that help simplify and streamline the implementation of SAP solutions.  Using SAP Best Practices, our customers have reported time savings of up to 50% .


    SAP Best Practices are tailored to each industry solution, allowing you to set up key processes with industry-specific sample data, thorough documentation, and solution-specific training and support materials at no additional charge.


    By providing the materials you need to get started, SAP Best Practices enable  a prototype methodology for your implementation project.  Our proven preconfigured business scenarios provide a solid starting point that can simplify your evaluation, design and implementation.  Depending on your project, the core of your solution can be running within days.

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    Manish Jaiswal
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    I found the link to SAP Best Practice: