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'Special Fields' in Formula Editor

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Can 'Special Fields' be added to a formula in Crystal Reports?


I'm trying to create a formula whereby if a record (FIELD: NUMBERPRGN) didn't show up on the previous run (SPECIAL FIELD: Print Date) but it shows on the current run, that I can add some form of formatting to the record to indicate the changes.  The run dates are ran weekly on Fridays.  I'm using the 'special field' print date in the main report which consists of 24 subreports set up in calendar format.  The subreports are based off each day of the week (FIELD: PLANNED_START) 


Here is the start of the formula as to how i see it:


If {CM3RM1.PLANNED_START} <= {Print Date(Date)} then



When I check for errors to the formula, I get error message "The field name is unknown" with the 'special field' name highlighted.


Any help is greatly appreciated.