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Planned delivery time

Alex John
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Hi All,


If I maintian planned delivery time in vendor master, info record and material master then which planned delivery time sytem picks during MRP run? Can you please explain me with suitable example.Any doucement relevant to this very helpful to me..





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    karthick PP
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    Dear Alex,


    In my understanding,the PDT should not differ from material master.. If so then there wont be any problem...


    Anyhow please wait for the experts advice...



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    Feby Johnson
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    You maintain the non-vendor-specific planned delivery time in the material master (view "MRP 2"). You enter a vendor-specific planned delivery time in the purchasing info record or in the outline agreement. It is used in the planning run, if the indicator "Scheduling info record/agreement" in Customizing is maintained as a plant parameter (OPPQ) or MRP group parameter in 'external procurement' and if, in the area of automatic source determination, an individual vendor can be assigned.

    If you set this indicator, the system checks whether a planned delivery  time is pentered in the purchasing info record or in the outline  agreement. This planned delivery time is then used to calculate the  delivery date and the release date.

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    Mangalraj Senthamaraikannan
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    Dear Alex,


    In my understanding a vendor can supply more than one material and infact there is no meaning


    maintaining the planned delivery time in the vendor master in XK01.Because this value is not going to


    remain same for all the materials which the vendor supplies.


    So in my understanding the value in purchase info record has more priority than in the material master.


    Check and revert back.




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    Bakyaraj V
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    Hi Alex john,


    as of me, the priority goes to the info record if you maintain the shed info record/agree   in the configuration in plant parameters oppq under the tab external procurement. than the material master


    if you not mantianed the system pick the material master PDT