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how to transport Selfserviceadministrator changes

phani kumar
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Hi All,


  I made a change in selfservice-administrator for Bank Application by changing the order of the views for the confimation perspective in the Dev Box, everything works now. so in order to push this change to QA and Prod what should i do. I have the SSA change at pcd:portal_content/com.sap.pct/srvconfig/com.sap.pct.erp.srvconfig.ess.employee_self_service/com.sap.pct.erp.srvconfig.us/com.sap.pct.erp.srvconfig.bank/com.sap.pct.erp.srvconfig.fpmapplications/com.sap.pct.erp.srvconfig.per_bank_us.


Do i need create a transport for srvconfig folder and move to QA and prod?please give your suggestions.




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    Biroj Patro
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    Hi pkv,

    The transport involves,


    1. PCD changes (changes through Selfservice Admin Role).

    2. ECC system Homepage Config changes, if any.

    3. NWDI changes Transport through CMS.


    Hope this helps.



    Biroj patro.

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    Siddharth Rajora
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    You ll do this via System administration > Tranport > Import or Export

    During export you ll generate a EPA file and then it will be imported in intended portal


    Please read more on help.sap.com

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    Peter Rauchenstein
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    Hi pkv,


    <p>You'll need to be careful when transporting changes to content in the srvconfig folder.  Here's the reason why:  this content is actually a part of the SAP_ESS software component.  Each web dynpro DC has a corresponding /cfg DC in the SAP_ESS software component which contains the relevant srvconfig content for that service.   So, you "can" transport the changes by creating a PCD transport package, but you'll ALSO need to make sure that you update the relevant /cfg project in your NWDI track that contains any SAP_ESS customizations.   Of course, if you haven't customized the SAP_ESS software component and never intend to, you can get by with just moving the PCD transport package.  But I digress...


    <p>Here's what you need to do:


    <li>1. Make your changes to the US Bank Details  FPM views and applications using the Self-Service Administrator role.   It sounds like you've already done that.

    <li>2. Go to the System Administrator Role > Transport Packages > Export.   Locate the folder which contains the US Bank service configuration.  In this case, it would be Portal Content > Content Provided by SAP > srvconfig > com.sap.pct.erp.srvconfig.ess.employee_self_service > com.sap.pct.erp.srvconfig.us > Bank.   There will be a Package folder here and you will want to select it and create a new transport package in that folder.

    <li>3. NAMING of the package is important!   The "Bank" folder has the following object ID:  com.sap.pct.erp.srvconfig.bank.  Your Transport package that you are going to create must have the same name.  So:<br>


    <br>- Package Name:  Bank

    <br>- Package ID:  bank

    <br>- ID Prefix: com.sap.pct.erp.srvconfig


    <li>4. Open your new transport package for editing.

    <li>5. Add ALL objects from the Bank Folder to this package.  This would include the FPM Applications and FPM Views folders.

    <li>6. REMOVE the transport package object from the transport package (you don't need this and really don't want to transport the transport package)

    <li>7. Export the transport package.  Download the .EPA file to your workstation.


    <li>8. Open your NWDS.  Access the NWDI track that contains your SAP_ESS software component (if this isn't setup, you've got a looooong road ahead of you).

    <li>9. Create a project for the essusbank~cfg DC.

    <li>10. Once the project is created, open the Web Dynpro perspective and switch to the 'Navigator' view.  Right-Click on the project and select " PCD -> Update EPA".

    <li>11. Browse to select the .EPA file with your changes and click Finish.

    <li>12. Build & Deploy ess/us/bank/cfg DC.


    <p>You'll then want to make sure that this change is included on an NWDI activity and incorporated into your consolidation system.  It will subsequently be moved throughout your landscape when you deploy updates/patches to the SAP_ESS software component via NWDI.


    <p>Hope that this helps!




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      phani kumar
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      Hi Peter,


        Thanks for clearly explaining the process, after 7th step i think we need to export the .epa file from workstation to portal?Is this necessary or as we updated (PCD -> Update EPA)the essusbankcfg DC and pushed this through nwdi transports, the bank dc will read the fpm configuration  from essusbankcfg as this is updated? Am i Right. So my question is do we need to export the .epa file exported after 7th step to portal or not. I think its not neccessary from your explanation.




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        Peter Rauchenstein
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        Glad that it helped answer your question.  


        You do need to perform the initial export OUT of your dev system to update the .EPA in your NWDI track.

        But after that, there no need to manually import that .epa file into your consolidation, test and prod runtime systems.   Simply use NWDI to assemble a new version of the SAP_ESS software component and perform the imports of that software component into the downstream systems.




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      Alexis Collins
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      I have a semi-related question ...


      We have a bunch of custom FPM apps in ESS.  We just recently upgraded to NW 7.01 support pack stack 4.  Around the time of this upgrade, all of our custom FPM apps broke.  Every single one of them gives the same error: CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL abend in the FUNCTION hrxss_per_cleanup.


      We know the problem is on the portal side, because we're able to point another dev system portal at the same R/3 backend and NOT get the error.  Since it's all the custom apps, I assumed this is related to our srvconfig, but I can find no problem there. 


      But your post about transporting the srvconfig thru NWDI raises a concern for me: our custom FPM apps don't have the ~cfg component.  Can we create it?  Is this a problem?  Have you seen a similar issue?


      Thanks so much!!