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What is Delivery Note?

channappa sajjanar
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Hi All,

I am new to MM module,can any one explain me.

what is a Delivery Note?

who will send it to whom?

What is the Use of this Note?


I am bit confused by answers in previous threads.





And what is mean by Pro-forma Invoice?

why we need it?





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    Hi ,


    Delivery Note and Inbound delivery are one and the same.

    Based on the Shipping Notification received from the Vendor we create Inbound delivery in the system.

    Delivery note contains the Qty despatched by the Vendor.


    Pro-forma Invoice is a concept used in Sales and is similar to a billing document.



    Ramesh Ch

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    anis bazmi
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    A delivery note is the document that comes along with the actual goods delivery. This contains the details regarding the qty , packing list etc.

    The delivery note number is the vendors document & hence is unique .


    Ref to SAP, delivery note number ( being unique) can be used as a reference at the time of GR .

    Practically , in a single consignment , against a single delivery note the vendor sends goods for more than one PO.


    Subsequently , the vendor will send the invoice for the delivery made .


    If the delivery note number is mentioned in GR , then the same number can be used as a reference to make an invoice verification , which would make things very smooth.


    Hope it helps you





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      channappa sajjanar
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      HI , Thanks  a lot for Your reply , but if possible please explain in  layman language.





      Thanks a lot



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        manu m
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        proforma invoice is a  dummy billing document made made in sales and distribution.It wont have any accounting impact. A real accounting document have an accounting impact.


        Proforma IV in SD. : when u do a stock transfer from plant to plant via  billing with same co code. u need to create a sales order, delivery and billing ( proforma ).( no need to pay any money)


        IV billling for customer : we give real Billing to customer and customer needs to pay against the bill( invoice )




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    Delivery note is a document issued by the supplier that lists detailed information about the articles sent.


    It is normally sent with the goods and, when signed by the receiver, provides proof of delivery.


    Pro forma invoice in Dealer business management means:


    A dummy billing document created prior to the real invoice. The pro forma invoice can be used, for example, for invoice simulation or export papers.


    Pro forma invoice in Health care industry means:


    Invoice for an insurance relationship to which claims in whole or in part are not distributed during payment distribution, but for which the system is to nevertheless output an invoice.

    A pro forma invoice simply provides information to the recipient.


    In SD ,Pro forma invoice means:


    A quotation of cost to the buyer.


    The pro forma invoice includes:


    Quantity and description of the product


    Terms of sale (Incoterms)

    Terms of payment

    Length of time the export price is valid

    Expiration date for the letter of credit

    Length of time needed for shipping