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New GL Tcodes

Chee Keong Chin
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Does anyone have a list of frequently used of Tcode for New GL?


Besides the following tables, any other tables to be noted?


New total table: FAGLFLEXT

New Actual Line item: FAGLFLEXA

New Planned Line item: FAGLFLEXP




Thanks in advance.




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    Ravi Sankar Venna
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    Go to SE16

    Table TSTCT


    Language EN

    Transaction Code FAGL*


    Number of Hits 99999




    You will get New GL Transaction codes.





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    Andrew J
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    And for the Tables.


    Go to SE16N

    Enter FAGL*  in Table Field

    Press F4


    All the Tables related to New GL will be displayed.




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    Chee Keong Chin
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    Thanks guys.


    By reading the Tcode table, I have a list of Tcodes as follows:


    FAGLGA11     General Ledger: Create Act. Assessmt

    FAGLGA12     General Ledger: Change Act. Assessmt

    FAGLGA13     Gen. Ledger: Display Act. Assessment

    FAGLGA14     Gen. Ledger: Delete Act. Assessment

    FAGLGA15     Gen. Ledger: Execute Act. Assessment

    FAGLGA16     Gen. Ledger: Act. Assessmt Overview

    FAGLGA27     Gen. Ledger: Create Plan Assessment

    FAGLGA28     Gen. Ledger: Change Plan Assessment

    FAGLGA29     Gen. Ledger: Display Plan Assessment

    FAGLGA2A     Gen. Ledger: Delete Plan Assessment

    FAGLGA2B     Gen. Ledger: Execute Plan Assessment

    FAGLGA2C     Gen. Ledger: Plan Assessmt Overview

    FAGLGA31     Gen. Ledger: Create Act.Distribution

    FAGLGA32     Gen. Ledger: Change Act.Distribution

    FAGLGA33     Gen. Ledger:Display Act.Distribution

    FAGLGA34     Gen. Ledger: Delete Act.Distribution

    FAGLGA35     Gen. Ledger:Execute Act.Distribution

    FAGLGA36     Gen. Ledger: Act. Distrib. Overview

    FAGLGA47     Gen. Ledger:Create Plan Distribution

    FAGLGA48     Gen. Ledger:Change Plan Distribution

    FAGLGA49     Gen. Ledger:Display PlanDistribution

    FAGLGA4A     Gen. Ledger:Delete Plan Distribution

    FAGLGA4B     Gen. Ledger:Execute PlanDistribution

    FAGLGA4C     Gen. Ledger: Plan Distrib. Overview



    I try to create a cycle on on the assessment, and found that I cannot use CE type: 42.


    My question is that, all of these Gen.Ledger based assessment/distribution: 


    Are they FI side and not CO side, meaning to say that, after the cycle execution, I can read that changes / allocation from FI side (like FB03 / FAGLL03)?

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      Ravi Sankar Venna
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      This is from FI-SL side.


      Once you try to attach segment, you will get assessment account.


      This is where you enter the assessment cost element in Controlling (CO) and the assessment cost element in Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA). Or you enter the assessment account in Special Purpose Ledger (FI-SL).


      The following are posted as a result of the assessment under the predefined assessment cost element or assessment account:


      Credit on the sender

      Debits on the receivers

      In CO and EC-PCA, you need to store this cost element in the cost element master data as a secondary cost element with cost element type 42.


      For FI-SL, you can enter any desired account here for use as an assessment account.