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structures in hr

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I have a question -

what are the different structures in SAP HR


Enterprise structure

Personnel struc.

Org struc  / org plan

wage struct

remuneration struc


as per my understanding  - org plan is model of organisation incorporating org units, positions jobs etc......while org struc, is just made of org units......now the question is what is the right answer if both the options are given?

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    Sikindar T
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    the objects From OM


    that is Org units  ,  Jobs , Position , Cost Center



    Enterprise Structure :


    Constists of ur Personnel area , Personal Sub  area



    Personnle Structure


    Employee Group  Employee Sub Group



    Pay Scale Strucure


    Pay Scale Area , Pay Scake Group , Pay scale Level and Pay scale Type

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    rupa prasad
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           In Sap we have 3 types of structure they are follows





         a) Company Code , Personnel Area , Personnel sub area


    2. PERSONNEL STRUCTURE DIVIDED INTO TWO (personnel str base on the administration perspective and personnel str is base on the organizational structure )


         a) Employee group  b) Employee sub group  c) Payroll area




       a) Org unit    b) Job  c) Position



    Rupa Prasad

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    K S
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    thnaks for the responses, but please chk in IT -0001, it says, Enterprise structure, Personnel Structure and Org plan and NOT Org STRUCT.


    I have a question -

    what is the differnce between Org struct. and org plan?


    and if differnce types of structures are asked in a question with options-

    Enterprise structure

    Personnel struc.

    Org struc

    org plan

    wage struct

    remuneration struc (payscale and pay grade)


    what should be the answer




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    Rajesh Kannan R.
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    Following explanation will clear the doubt..

    There are 2 main structures in SAP HR

    1.     Org. Structure and 2. Admin Structure

    Admin Structure has been divided into two

    u2022     Enterprise Structure: Client (Org. entity and not the system client) , Company code, Personnel Area and Personnel Subarea.

    u2022     Personnel Structure: Employee Group, Employee Sub group, Payroll Area and work contract (applicable in SAP standard)

    Org. Structure is contains of the object like Org. unit, position, job, cost center, etc. and org structure is used to depict the org. plan of an organization on any time period.

    Org. plan will be changing based on the time periods and has different kinds of status/versions: Active, Approved, Planned, Submitted, rejected and active plan version will be the current plan (01) always. So org. plan is intend to provide the current plan of the particular time period for the Org, Structure.

    In IT0001 you are mapping to org. plan in order to validate time period of the assignment

    To answer your question following are the structures if HR

    u2022     Org. Structure

    u2022     Enterprise Structure

    u2022     Personnel Structure

    Hope it is clear and if you have still doubt is Org structure and Org plan please feel free to write.