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    Could anybody please let me know more about the usage of KALC. What is the purpose and why we use this during month end.Also where the intial entries are generating.


It would be great if anybody explains it with example.


Thanks in advance........

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    P. Annotee
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    This you need when a controlling area is assigned to more company codes and when there are intercompany posting in controlling this create then intercompany postings in FI.


    See for more details the SAP help



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    Ravi Sankar Venna
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    KALC is for reconciliation between FI and CO.




    When you need to drill back from the FI G/L to find which cost center was

    Posted to on an expense account, the reconciliation ledger is accessed.


    The need to have a CO to FI reconciliation process is a result of cross company

    Code, cross-business area, or cross functional area activity that may occur in

    the CO module. Order settlement or confirmation, cost center assessment, or

    other internal CO movement may initiate these postings. When costs moved

    internally within CO, the FI G/L is not updated because of CO use of secondary

    Cost elements to facilitate the postings.


    The first two steps in reconciliation ledger configuration are to activate the

    Ledger within the controlling area and assign a document type. If you have an

    Existing controlling area that does not have the reconciliation ledger activated,

    Activate the reconciliation ledger.


    Controlling  Overhead Cost Controlling  Cost and Revenue Element

    Accounting  Reconciliation Ledger  Activate Reconciliation Ledger (KALA)




    A good receipt posting of Rs.100 has occurred on internal order 1, which is

    Assigned to company code 1. One hundred percent of the value of internal order No.1 is settled to internal order 2, which is assigned to company code 2. A Settlement Cost element is used for the settlement posting. When an order

    Settlement is run, internal order 1 is credited with Rs.100 and internal order 2

    Is debited with Rs.100. The balances of internal order 1 and internal order 2

    Are 0 and Rs.100, respectively. However, the balances of company code 1

    And 2 remain as they were prior to settlement. The reason: settlement activity

    Was internal to CO. No FI update occurred.



    To place the FI company codes back in balance, the CO-FI reconciliation posting transaction should be run. The resulting FI postings would credit

    Company code 1 for Rs.100 and debit company code 2 for Rs.100. The internal

    CO activity will now have been accounted for in FI and company codes are now in balance.






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      Raakhee Parbhu
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      Excellent explanation

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      R J
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      Hi Ravi,

                   Thanks for the excellent explain. Is it possible to add Cost Center, Profit Center and Internal order fields to the current output of the KALC report. Currently it is not showing these fields, but i need these fields inoder to cross check the source of reconcilation.


      Can we obtain this via Custom report or any other report can provide us these details.