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Purpose of KALC

g verma
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Hi Gurus,


Please explain me the use of KALC transaction. What is the purpose of this transaction? What is the impact of


I am working on Intercompany process.


Please revert back asap.



Thank You

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    Matej Okretic
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    As far as I remember KALC is meant to reconcile data in CO and FI after repostings in CO (manual, assesments, distributions...)




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    vijayanand sankaran
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    KALC is for recon of FI -C0.


    For example:

    A good receipt posting of Rs.100 has occurred on internal order 1, which is

    Assigned to company code 1. One hundred percent of the value of internal order No.1 is settled to internal order 2, which is assigned to company code 2. A Settlement Cost element is used for the settlement posting. When an order

    Settlement is run, internal order 1 is credited with Rs.100 and internal order 2

    Is debited with Rs.100. The balances of internal order 1 and internal order 2

    Are 0 and Rs.100, respectively. However, the balances of company code 1

    And 2 remain as they were prior to settlement. The reason: settlement activity

    Was internal to CO. No FI update occurred.


    To place the FI company codes back in balance, the CO-FI reconciliation posting transaction should be run. The resulting FI postings would credit

    Company code 1 for Rs.100 and debit company code 2 for Rs.100. The internal

    CO activity will now have been accounted for in FI and company codes are now in balance.