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Weighbridge in SAP

Muhammad Ali Lozada
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Hi all


I am implementing SAP at a fertilizer company which deals with tons and tons of Fertilizer which is loaded onto trucks in bags.


When truck comes to the premises the truck needs to go onto the weighbridge to get its weight.


Once goods are loaded onto truck and is ready to leave again the truck needs to go onto the weighbridge.


My question is how do I capture all this in SAP? I found an ABAP code for weighbridge, but not sure how in SD we can make it work. An experienced person would know better in how SAP will capture this process.


Thanks Ali

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    Prashanth goud
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    As the weight bridge concept is not available in standard SAP so you have to use an interface to capture the information if weight bridge into SAP.

    The information like Tare weight, Gross weight will be captured from the weight bridge into SAP through interface.



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    Raja Singh Chhabeda
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    As of Standard SAP doesnt have direct integration with the weigh Bridge. you need capture the weight in weigh bridge and pass on to SAP system. And you have to use EDI functionality.


    Whenever we do weighing on Weigh bridge one executable file will be available in weigh bridge, by executing this it creates the note pad file on weigh bridge system. you have to read this through BDC program to upload in SAP system.


    For executing this file in Weigh Bridge and capture the data in word file you need to create a Z develop with your ABAPer. Then this weight can also upload automatically (BDC) to goods receipt document thrugh Z development.




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    Sivanand Vishnubhatla
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    Hi there,


    When the truck is loaded & weighed, do you again need to post that weight into some SAP document like order or delivery?

    I believe when you raise a sales order, weight of the material is already updated into the documents. Then why again you need to weigh the truck & update the weight in sales doc?

    What are you going to do with that weight?

    Standard SAP is not interfaced with weighbridge. You will have to interface with a legacy system & comminicate through IDOCs.




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    Sivarajesh Jeyaseelapandian
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    Hi muhammad,

        For a scenario like this ,it has to be delivery based billing.

       In fertilizer based industry the order quantity will be different from the dispatched quantity. To handle this pls follow this procedure.

    Step 1- Create sales order

    Step 2- Create delivery order and save it without doing PGI

    Step 3- Weighbridge interface has to be linked with the delivery document.

    Step 4- Open the delivery document in change mode

    Step 5- Now the delivery document will capture the weighbridge quantity as the delivery quantity.

    Step 6- Enter picking quantity , which has to be same as the delivery quantity.

    Step 7- Do PGI and invoice the same.


    I believe this will cater your requirement.


    Thanks & regards,

    Sivarajesh. J

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    Rajeshwar Rao Gadiraju
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    Hi ,

    If you can maintain the truck loading information then using a BDC Program written by an ABAPer you can directly create delivery using the program which automatically uploads the data from excel and

    create delivery and PGI.


    Please let me know if you need any more help.


    Thanks and regards,


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      Muhammad Ali Lozada
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      Thanks guys


      I know that it needs an interface, I even have the abap code for the weighbridge so if anyone of yous need it let me know. I was more interested as to where and how? Like in which document sales order or delivery or both does the field data need to populated.


      Scenerio of the company


      Company A is B's parent company


      B=Producer of Fertilizer ( Where im implementing SAP now)


      A= Acts like a Customer and they themselves market and reach out to customers, they sell the fertilizer on behalf of company B. Company A makes invoices with company B name on it. But in this company B no customer Master is being created as its not our headache its companies A problem.


      A sends the advice order with bilty and trucks come to company B. Company B is only concerned with loading the fertilizer bags and thats it. But when trucks enter the premises it must be weighed, then when loading is complete and ready to leave (pgi) it needs to be weighed again to get actual weight. This is then checked and if its matching the weight specified or bags needed from company A then its okay it can leave the premises. (It is a weird thing lol)    Also, we must keep in mind that as soon as company B has implemented SAP. company A will also do it so we have to keep both things in mind.


      also is it possible to add you guys to my friends list or on msn. is this possible if yes how can i?


      thanks a lot.

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        Amitesh Anand
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        I am into a Cement Organisation, and a similar kind of requirement is also there.

        We have implemented the requirement by using two main Z-Programme and an interface to update the quantity from weighbridge file to the Delivery quantity.

        I assure you that the requirement can be met however it requires a thorough study of Client's requirement and you may need to create some Z-masters and some some Z-forms to capture the data like Truck no., truck weight, truck entry time, exit time of truck etc. along with some checks as per the requirement of Client. You will also need to identify some of the fields in delivery that can be updated or maintained by user (like may enter the transaction no. of weighbridge process to make a link between the Delivery and ztransaction. In our case the freight is also based on such extra field.

        So first thing is to undersatnd the entire requirement of weighbridge and then give a thought about this Z-development.


        Enjoy this Z-Programming.




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    jose camron
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    You may have a better option with multi-weigh.com - Concrete Platform Weighbridge Company with special features as Digital Load Cells (a self correcting machine). It also provides other services like Annual maintenance Contract in RCC Weighbridges as well as in Steel Weighbridges(pit type & pit less).

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    Dheeraj Gauniyal
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    I  also have same requirement If you got the solution so please let me know or please  give yours any contact ID or number

    thanks in advance

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    Hardik Patel
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    Hey hiii Muhhamad Ali Lozada....

    I am new abaper and my company have requirement for weigh bridge development and task is given to me........can you please provide me abap code and all other helps related to weigh bridge....it would be really helpful to me......


    Thanks in advance

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      Muhammad Ali Lozada
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      The Abap codes can be found here so do a small search. But from my experience the weighbridge will have to be specifically tailored according to client requirement. So means Abap may have to start from scratch. It took about a month to develop at the client I was working at when I raised this inquiry. Depending on your client requirement you may probably start to do all your delivery related activities within this application only. No more need to go to Vl01n or anything. If all is included in the application development then no issues.

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      Ian Bradley
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      Hi Hardik,


      if you are developing a custom ABAP to manage the weighbridge, you can use the RFC HU_GET_RFC_DATA to retrieve the weight from a scale or weigh bridge connected to the user's PC via a com (RS-232) port.


      Our product ERP-Scale is SAP certified and provides the PC component to link the RFC to the weighbridge to read the weight and pass it back to SAP. Many of our customers are using ERP-Scale with custom ABAP transactions for handle weighbridge integration for goods-receipts and goods-issues.


      We have added some sample code to web-site, you can view sample code here RFC HU_GET_RFC_DATA example


      Good luck !


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