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Tables for TRIP component in HR

mukul Kamat
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Hi Experts, 


I am working on a report having the background of 'Travel management' component ( TCODE-TRIP ) in HR module.


I want to know which Table fields (OR Tables) get populated/updated for a given 'PERNR'  in this component.

The Fields are :

1) GL account ,  2)  Wage Type 3) Wage type  Description  4) Approving manager.

In which Tables do these fields get populated?



Just to give you the background of the report which I am working on, its a report where 'The employee enters details of the reimbursements of the business trips he has completed  and then send that data to his/her manager for approval'.

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    Avinash Kodarapu
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    Check these tables



    PTRV_HEAD                      General Trip Data
    PTRV_SADD                      Trip Statistics - Add. Receipt Data
    PTRV_SHDR                      Trip Statistics - Trip Amounts
    PTRV_SREC                      Trip Statistics - Receipts


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    Hi ,


    the data for trip transaction is stored in cluster table PCL1..


    to get the data from PCL1 according to 1) GL account ,  2)  Wage Type 3) Wage type  Description  4) Approving manager you need to use MACROS..


    see the sample macro to get the data ..


    *   Credit Card expenses.
          SELECT * FROM pcl1 INTO TABLE save_pcl1
                            WHERE relid = 'TC'                                     "press F4 and see the type which you are using
                            AND   aedtm IN r_date.                                "Date range
          IF sy-subrc = 0. 
            LOOP AT save_pcl1.
              CLEAR hold_line_cnt.
              wa_tc_key = save_pcl1-srtfd(8).
              CLEAR inbel.
              REFRESH inbel.
    *           Subroutine to import receipts data by using macro
              PERFORM import_tc.
    FORM import_tc .
             inbel                                   "All the creadit card receipts stored...   
             FROM DATABASE pcl1(tc) ID wa_tc_key-pernr
    ENDFORM.                    " IMPORT_TC




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    Volker Binder
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    there are lots of tables related to Travel:

    PTRV_ADMIN     Travel Management: Administrative Data for Personnel Numbers

    PTRV_ARCHIVE     Administrative Table for Archived Trip Data

    PTRV_ARCH_HEAD     Prearchiving FI-TV: Entries from PTRV_HEAD (Temporary)

    PTRV_ARCH_PERIO     Prearchiving FI-TV: Entries from PTRV_PERIO (Temporary)

    PTRV_HEAD     General Trip Data

    PTRV_KMSUM     Table for Use of Miles/Kms Accumulation

    PTRV_PERIO     Period Data of a Trip

    PTRV_ROT_AWKEY     Assignment of Trip Results to Posting Doc. Number and Line

    PTRV_SADD     Trip Statistics - Add. Receipt Data

    PTRV_SBACKLOG     Trip Statistics - Batch/Backlog Processing

    PTRV_SCOS     Trip Statistics - Cost Assignment

    PTRV_SHDR     Trip Statistics - Trip Amounts

    PTRV_SREC     Trip Statistics - Receipts

    FITV_HINZ_WERB_B     Additional Amounts and Income-Related Expenses for Receipts

    FITV_HINZ_WERB_S     Additional Amounts and Income-Related Expenses


    and there is cluster PCL1-TE