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Purchasing Value Key

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Hi Gurus,


I can understand what is meant by Purchasing value key and its config.


But, i wanted to know, is there any way to send automatic reminders to Vendors regarding delivery etc as per the reminder days. (How to test this)


Or: whether it is just for info, on when to remind the vendors.

ANy help on this is appreciated.



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    Manish Kumar Agarwal
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    ME91F is the transaction to send reminders & urging letters to vendor.


    One important thing is, after you have created a PO, you have to issue (pint/fax/mail) the PO and the PO must be overdue.

    Best you test with a delivery date in the past or with minus reminder days (reminding in advance)

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    Manish Kumar Agarwal
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    Reminders / Expediter are issued based on the mentioned interval periods / days in purchasing documents.

    In case of purchase orders, the messages are issued to Vendors In SAP the term u2018reminderu2019 is often used to denote issue messages before due date, where as u2018urging letteru2019 or u2018expediteru2019 commonly stands for a message after due date.


    In the system, we can enter up to 3 reminder levels with positive numbers, negative numbers or combination of both.

    A negative number of days means that a reminder is to be issued to the vendor n days prior / before to certain date.

    A positive number of days means that a reminder is to be issued n days after the due date.

    These reminder / expediter notifications are issued to Vendor, since we are covering the reminders for purchase order.

    1. Defining the Purchasing value key Material Master SPRO u2013 Material Management u2013 Purchasing u2013 Define purchasing value keys On the New entries screen, enter desired key with desired intervals. Clicks SAVE


    2. Assign this newly created purchase value key for the desired material (existed one) in the material master (MM02), of while creating new material (MM01). Once the purchase order created and saved before issue / executing the 1st reminder, the saved purchase order should be successfully outputted / printed. If the purchase order is not printed / transmitted u2013 itu2019s impossible to trigger 1st reminder.


    3. The reminders are outputted / printed under message type: MAHN.

    Configuring MAHN output type. Transaction: MN04 Select u2013 Purchasing Output Determination: Document Type. Here enter the all purchasing document types one after one to follow the settings or select the document types from screen (by pressing F4). Then select the FUNCTION as VN (Vendor). Select the Medium (of transmission) from the list (by pressing F4). Example: 1 Print out (to get Reminder in printed form). Select the appropriate option for Date / Time basing on requirement and Language as EN (for English). Clicks SAVE +Transaction: MN05 to change a predefined output type.


    4. Defining message Definition schemas: SPRO u2013 MATERIAL MANAGEMENT u2013 PURCHASING u2013 MESSAGES u2013 OUTPUT CONTROL u2013 MESSAGE DETERMINATION SCHEMAS u2013 DEFINE MESSAGE SCHEMA FOR PURCHASE ORDER Select Message Determination schema: Purchase order and click on choose. Click on NEW ENTRIES to define user defined Procedure and Description. For Ex. ZPOREM text as PO Reminder/ Expediter. After select newly created procedure and click on Control Data On the control data screen define the condition type you defined previously and define the other data like step, counter, requirement. To select from the predefined values can be selected from menu which can be accessed by pressing F4. Clicks SAVE to save your entered data.


    5. Once the determination schema saved, the next step to assign the schema to Purchase Order. In the next screen enter the desired data and assign the previously your created procedure. Clicks SAVE to save your entered data. Once a P.O created and saved, as earlier discussed the PO initial output (printout) should be transmitted to vendor using transaction ME9F. Then go to ME91F transaction and enter the desired data like PO number, PO organization. Enter the reference date.

    for example: You have defined the following reminder/urging levels in the PO item:

    u2022 1st urging message (expediter): 10

    u2022 2nd urging message: 20

    u2022 3rd urging message: 30

    The material is to be delivered on 05.14. If the reference date is 05.23, the PO item is not selected. If the reference date is 05.24, the item is suggested for the issue of a message urging delivery (expediting). Once the date is mentioned, select List Untransmitted Messages to list all messages which are not yet transmitted.

    Once you execute with these options, a list of all non transmitted messages (i.e. for those messages not created) will be displayed as below. From this list, you can generate messages for certain documents by selecting individually and clicking on Generate Messages. Transactions: MM01 / MM02 u2013 To Include Purchase value key intervals.

    ME91F - Transmit / send reminders ref. to purchase documents.

    MN04 u2013 to define output condition record for message types (Print / Fax / EDI).

    M/36 u2013 Maintain message determination schema for PO