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Prerna Sharman
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Hi frens


I am trying to load data from excel sheet  in SAP Table through BDC using the function module alsm_excel_to_internal_table..

But so far i  am unable to perform the task successfully as the execution of the program gives me''PERFORM_CONFLICT_TAB_TYPE_ERROR'.




An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.                                        

The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_DYN_CALL_ILLEGAL_TYPE', was                                        

not caught in                                        

procedure "ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE" "(FUNCTION)", nor was it propagated by                                        

a RAISING clause.                                        

Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated that the                                        

exception would occur, the current program is terminated.                                        

The reason for the exception is:                                        

The FORM "SEPARATED_TO_INTERN_CONVERT" was called incorrectly.                                        

The call of the FORM is incorrect for parameter nr. 2:                                        

The internal table that is transferred to the formal table parameter has                                        

a type that is not compatible with the type of the formal parameter.                                        

The FORM "SEPARATED_TO_INTERN_CONVERT" is defined in the program "SAPLALSMEX".