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LIS reports of SD

Gagan Parashar
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Hi All,


How to check that LIS report of sales are working fine, what all configuration needs to be checked.



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    chandrasekhar saripalli
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    THe following link may be of help for you






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    Rajesh Banka
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    Standard SAP SD Reports:=

                                                                                    Statistic Group:


    Purpose u2013 To capture data for Standard Reports, we require to activate Statistic Group as under:


    --> Item category (Configuration)


    --> Sales document type (Configuration)


    --> Customer (Maintain in Master data)


    --> Material (Maintain in Master data)


    When you generate statistics in the logistics information system, the system uses the combination of specified statistics groups to determine the appropriate update sequence. The update sequence in turn determines for exactly which fields the statistics are generated.



    IMG --> Logistics Information System (LIS) --> Logistics Data Warehouse --> Updating --> Updating Control --> Settings: Sales --> Statistics Groups -->


    1. Maintain Statistics Groups for Customers


    2. Maintain Statistics Groups for Material


    3. Maintain Statistics Groups for Sales Documents


    4. Assign Statistics Groups for Each Sales Document Type


    5. Assign Statistics Groups for each Sales Document Item Type .....

                                                                                    All Standard Reports which are available are as under:


    SAP Easy Access: Information Systems -> Logistics -> Sales and distribution ->


    1. Customer -> Incoming orders / Returns / Sales / Credit memos / Sales activities / Customer master / Conditions / Credit Master Sheet


    2. Material -> Incoming orders / Returns / Sales / Credit memos / Material master / ...


    3. Sales organization -> Sales organization / Sales office / Sales employee


    4. Shipping point -> Deliveries / Returns


    5. SD documents -> Orders / Deliveries / Billing documents ...


    & so on.

                                                                                    Some of the Standard reports in SD are:


    Sales summary - VC/2


    Display Customer Hierarchy - VDH2


    Display Condition record report - V/I6


    Pricing Report - V/LD


    Create Net Price List - V_NL


    List customer material info - VD59


    List of sales order - VA05


    List of Billing documents - VF05


    Inquiries list - VA15


    Quotation List - VA25


    Incomplete Sales orders - V.02


    Backorders - V.15


    Outbound Delivery Monitor - VL06o


    Incomplete delivery - V_UC


    Customer Returns-Analysis - MC+A


    Customer Analysis- Sales - MC+E


    Customer Analysis- Cr. Memo - MC+I


    Deliveries-Due list - VL04


    Billing due list - VF04


    Incomplete Billing documents - MCV9


    Customer Analysis-Basic List - MCTA


    Material Analysis(SIS) - MCTC


    Sales org analysis - MCTE


    Sales org analysis-Invoiced sales - MC+2


    Material Analysis-Incoming orders - MC(E


    General- List of Outbound deliveries - VL06f


    Material Returns-Analysis - MC+M


    Material Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC+Q


    Variant configuration Analysis - MC(B


    Sales org analysis-Incoming orders - MC(I


    Sales org analysis-Returns - MC+Y


    Sales office Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC-E


    Sales office Analysis- Returns - MC-A


    Shipping point Analysis - MC(U


    Shipping point Analysis-Returns - MC-O


    Blocked orders - V.14


    Order Within time period - SD01


    Duplicate Sales orders in period - SDD1


    Display Delivery Changes - VL22







    Rajesh Banka

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    Rafal Drezek
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    Its not fully clear for me what do you exactly want to check, but I guess you ask how to check if fields are updated correctly (in all Sxxx tables).

    If so, then I do not know any better way that checking logs.

    Logs for LIS tables are not generated automatically, so for your user you have to add parameter MCL with value X. You can do it in SU3.

    Afterwards you test processes for which you expect some updates.


    You create in VA01 sales order and save it

    After saving you execute transaction MC30 and there you see exactly what LIS tables were updated and what are the values.


    I hope this solve your problem.




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    Rajesh Banka
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    Check if the link below is helpful:




    Rajesh Banka