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Return to Vendor movement type 122

Vinesh Narsi
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Hi All


I have the following scenario.


User creates an Inbound Delivery and then posts the document creating a 101 movement.


The user then decides that he wants to return the goods to the vendor for whatever reason

He then processes a Migo transaction and chooses return delivery.


What then happens is that the inbound delivery that was created becomes "open" again.  Is there any way of leaving the inbound delivery docment closed?




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    Pradip R. Gawande
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    Cancel the 101 mat. doc. by T-code MBST, and delete the inbound delivery with VL32N.



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    ub SAP
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    Hi Vinesh,


    There is no option to close the inbound document, you can delete the Inbound delivery document in VL32n, by selecting the line item and click on delete symbol. Then the Delivery does not exist in the database or in the archive.





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    Csaba Szommer
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    I guess it is standard SAP behaviour. If you send back goods by mvt 122 after GR it means that there's will be a gap between PO qty and GR quantity.>> both PO item and Inbound delivery becomes open again. Later you can book the substitution delivery from your vendot through the inbound delivery again as partial GR is possible via inbound delivery.


    Even if you use only PO you have to close it (set final delivery indicator or reduce the open qty) manually again if you decide that you do not expect substitution from your vendor - the same happens in case of inbound delivery.


    If you don't want to reopen your inbound delivery you can create a return PO item and send back the goods via it. This will have no effect on your existing PO item and inbound delivery.


    Please check OSS note 1050944 and 199703 about inbound delivery update.




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      Josep Carrizo
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      Sorry but I do not agree with you...at least if the Inbound delivery is created based on Scheduling Agreement.


      When you create a return delivery to supplier (Mvt 122) it's possible to activate a functionality called "Determine quantity stock handling" where you can set closing indicator as 'X' in case you don't want to re-open Inbound delivery previously created.


      It's a pop-up message.