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RFC conn between SAP ERP and TREX not working

Günter Aigner
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Hi experts,


we run a TREX instance on a Windows 2003 server and use it for our HCM portal.

The solution is in operation since 2 years but actually we face the problem that objects which have been created within the last month will not be covered by the index.


Without knowing about any changes in the setup I see the following error message when I perform the RFC connecten test in our ERP system:



Logon     Connection Error

Error Details     Error when opening an RFC connection

Error Details     ERROR: program Trex_UKP_20071025104543 not registered

Error Details     LOCATION: SAP-Gateway on host janos / sapgw00

Error Details     DETAIL: TP Trex_UKP_20071025104543 not registered

Error Details     COMPONENT: SAP-Gateway

Error Details     COUNTER: 12906

Error Details     MODULE: gwr3cpic.c

Error Details     LINE: 1778

Error Details     RETURN CODE: 679

Error Details     SUBRC: 0

Error Details     RELEASE: 700

Error Details     TIME: Mon Jul 27 10:34:48 2009

Error Details     VERSION: 2




In the TREX admin tool on the Windows server I see the following log message:



Source->Destination: Not set in TREX but TREX reachable -> ini file section missing?.





After reading lots of notes I guess that I have to register the server program that's used in the RFC on the gateway.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to do that.


Has anybody experiences with such a problem case or can tell me how to continue?

Is the problematic RFC realy the reason of my problem or just another side effect?


Many thanks for your really appreciated help in advance and best regards