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SAP table for variant

sreerama aravind
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Hi All,


Which SAP table saves the report variant details like sign,high and low value ? I am looking for report "/SAPAPO/RTSINPUT_CUBE".


We have many variants which loads data from InfoCube  to planning area, times I need to find which key figure is loaded from which variant.


I know about the Table VARID, FM -"RS_VARIANT_CONTENTS" is also not solving my requirement.

Thnaks in advance,



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    If you don't get any answers from the techie boys, try this manual method that I use occasionally.  Works on any program.


    SE38 with your program.  Select Variants. and hit display.


    Now, select Variants>Catalog.  You will get a summary list of all variants. 


    Select Variants > Print.  Select the checkbox 'Print all variants'.  It will create a spoolfile, with all variants, AND ALL VALUES contained in your variants.  You can download the spoolfile and then either just use a text editor to search, or you can get fancy and use a pc app like a spreadsheet or a Database manager to turn it into a data file.




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    B Valavan
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    Please check with table name as DD02T in SE12 with language as EN.


    This is the mastr table for all tables in APO




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    Hubert Spohn
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    this data are stored in cluster table VARI which ca not be displayed with SE16 etc.

    You need to use functional module RS_VARIANT_VARIABLES for example to get the desired information.

    (other functional modules from function group SVAR also might be helpful)