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Archive Logs in DB2 V 9.5

Ashish Chugh
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Hi Guys,


I am new to DB2 though i have installed DB2 V9.5 on Linux now want to apply S.Packs on the SAP System but i have some queries before applying the support packs.


1. How to switch off the archive log mode in DB2.

2. what are the files needs to backed up before doing any changes in Database i.e spfile / pfile in Oracle.

3. which are the parameters need to be checked for Log Management in DB2.

4. If any doc available on above mentioned points ?




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    Martin E. Andersson
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    Hi Jai,


    1. Please don't

    2. A full database backup contains everything you need to restore, if you want to backup the physical files(i.e. binaries etc) you can find the installation path using the db2ls command

    3. Just do a "db2 get db cfg for db <SID>|grep LOG", there's only a few but they depend on what backup solution you're using

    4. SAP has a good Admin Guide, but I usually prefer the IBM docs.  Google "IBM SAP DB2 Redbook" and you'll find quite a few different Redbooks on the subject.