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ATD receipts & issues

Thennarasu M
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ATD issues are calculated with in pull deployment horizon or with in deployment horizon or it will calculate on each day? is it pull & push  deployment horizon comes in to picture when supply is more than demand?

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    Senthil Mareeswaran
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    Hi Thennarasu,


    Push/Pull horizon still come into picture in your scenario.


    Eventhough supply is more than demand, if you want to

    maintain controlled inventory at the target location, then

    this is more helpful.


    ie Keeping the excess inventory at the source location

    itself and deploying to the target location based on pull/

    push horizon.


    Hope it is clear now


    Please confirm



    R. Senthil Mareeswaran.

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    Thennarasu M
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    HI Senthil, you mean to say ATD issues are calculted with in pull deployment horizon. deployment run going to fullfill demands which available with in pull deployment horizon. then what is the advantage of deployment horizon why we need this one?

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      Julien Le Brun
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      Yes the demand is consider until the pull in horizon.

      But the deployment will not create stock transfer after the deployment horizon (no confirmation).


      This is use mainly if you want to push the good out of the factory: you consider the demand in the futur but you replenish it "now"...


      To be complete the push specify the horizon for receipt.


      I hope it is clear...


      Thanks and Regards



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    Harsh Kumar
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    The ATD issues are considered for the deployment Horizon for the period mentioned in SNP2 tab of the Product/Location master.ATD issues are nothing but the order types and commitments that are reduced from the ATD receipt to arrive at the net available. If now the supplies are are more than the Demand then stocks are held at the dispatching location only,because the system will not deploy beyond the deployment horizon. In case you want to deploy more stocks you need to increase your deployment horizon, so that more orders come into consideration for deployment.

    In case you do not want to play with the deployment horizon then you will have to develop a program where excess stock is praportionally distrbuted to the receiving location in praportion to there demands.