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Access via 'NULL' object reference not possible

Christian Beining
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Hey guys,


I really need your help. After updating our SAP TM from Service Pack 02 to Service Pack 04, an error during creation of transportation proposals and saving a freight units occurres.  There is a "Access via 'NULL' object reference not possible. " error.



Exception              CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL


Error in the ABAP Application Program

The current ABAP program "CL_WDR_CONTEXT_NODE_MAP=======CP" had to be terminated because it has come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.


Error analysis                                                                               

An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.                                      

The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL', was not caught in procedure "IF_WD_CONTEXT_NODE~IS_ALIVE" "(METHOD)", nor was it propagated by a RAISING clause. Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated that the exception would occur, the current program is terminated. The reason for the exception is:


You attempted to use a 'NULL' object reference (points to 'nothing') access a component (variable: "ME->MAPPEE").An object reference must point to an object (an instance of a class) before it can be used to access components.Either the reference was never set or it was set to 'NULL' using the CLEAR statement. 





Do you have got any idea?


Kind regards,