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Wrong "End of Planning Time Fence" in MD04

Vineet Guliani
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Hi All,


In MD04 system is showing "End of Planning time fence" of years.

While it is mentained 31 days in Material master.

You can see in the fouth line it is directly taking date in 2014 and prompting message.



Date             MRP        MRP Element Data  Reciept/Req    AvilableQuan     Storage location

15.08.2010  DepReq  1016046                 007.621-         5,819.228-          NBST

15.08.2010  DepReq  1016046                 118,539-         5,937.767-          NBST

01.01.2014------>End Of Planning Time Fence

01.01.2014 SchLine   5500031694/00010  6000            62.223                



Thanks and Regards

Vineet Guliani