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Payment method supplement - to be use to group cheques when printing

Linda Lui
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Hi Guru,


I need to set up procedure so that when printing cheques,  certain cheques will be printed together.

To explain more clearly,  e.g. I have 1000 vendors that will be paid in the same payment run. These 1000 vendors are served by 5 account managers.  I want to print the cheques so that the cheques to vendors that are served by respective account managers will be grouped together when they are printed i.e. say the first 200 cheques will be printed for account manager 1 the next 300 cheques for account manager 2.


I turned on payment method supplement in the company code.  I created payment method supplements for each account manager.  Since I am using one tme vendor for this process,  I put in the respective payment method supplement when I enter the invoice.  However,  when the cheques are printed,  they are not printed in groups according to the payment method supplement. 


If I can this work how would the accounts payable person tell which group do the cheques belong??