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Return PO process

Udaya sree Chinna subbareddy gari
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1) I would like to know when actually Return PO process used, do we need to create Return PO with reference to Original PO.


2) If the PO is return PO (if we check return indicator it will call return PO) the qty / amount of this PO shows with negative in SAP reports,  how to do this report, based on what condition  (doc type / return indicator) we can show this qty with -ve sign on the reports

please advise,




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    Bijay Kumar Barik
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    A.For example if we procure a material like Impeller 100 quantity and we are procuring this material very rarely and we used 80 quantity in our industry and 20 no are in stock. If u have no use of that Impeller further (if you feel) and if u want to dispose them u have two options .

    1.One is to sell it.

    2.The other is to return to vendor if u have good terms with vendor.

    so at that time you can use 161.



    B. If you create return PO and then MIGO with return PO and 161 MT, then quantity will reduce from your inventory.




    161MT : You can use this when you want to return some materials from our stock to vendor you can create a PO with returns check and you can return material . This has the same effect as the 122.But the difference is using 122 u can return the material against a PO. Using 161 u can return the material when ever u want while creating a PO.


    122MT: You use 122 only if we do GR against a PO with 101 and if we want to return the material to vendor (what ever may be the reason like quality is not good , package condition is not good etc) with respect to the same PO.



    Biju K

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    Sateesh Babu Varada Raju
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    Hi all,


    In our business process we are also creating return PO's for the materials that are damaged,having quality problems and execess unwanted materials after agreeing with the vendor.


    Process follows as below


    1) Create a return PO


    2) Create a outbound delivery against this return PO and goods issue, this step will take away the qty from inventory and if requirements exit MRP take care off any shortages.


    - send goods back to vendor or dispose on request of vendor


    - request  the vendor to send a credit note to cover the cost for returned/ disposed goods.


    Few questions for fellow consultants, your promt response is much appreciated


    Q1) If the goods are returning for repairing purpose, what is the best process to be followed

            - Goods should not take away from the stock ( if we take away, MRP will create the requirements

            - with out std delivery doc creation how we can manage the process to  take away from warehouse and send to

              vendor    with documentation


           what are the work arounds


    Q2) If we decide to send the goods back to vendor due to damage / quality issues/ unwanted excess stock on agreement with the vendor, what is the complete process


      - Create return PO

      - Create an outbound delivery

      - goods issue


    I want to know the remaining process,


    can we automate the credit note creation process / need to manually create a credit note and process?

    ( Above process is for the vendors that we regularly buy things)


    Your help regarding credit note process is much appreciated.


    Thanks in advance


    Sateesh Raju