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copy control in SD

Shiva Guru Nathan N
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I am new to copy control in SD.


So any one can help me to know about it more.


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    Sadashivan Natarajan
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    Copy control is a process by which important transaction  parameters in sales documents are copied during

    the process from an originating document to a target document.  This configuration set by the consultants

    are useful for the end users who dont have to repeat these control parameters again and again for

    example, from order to delivery and then billing.  Once you have set transaction controls in Order this will

    be taken as a reference and automatically copied to the subsequently created documents.

    You can maintain copy control in following areas :

    Sales documents/Deliveries/Billing documents


    Further,  the copy control transition can be done in following relatiionship :

    Sales document by sales document

    Billing document by sales document

    Sales document by delivery

    Sales document by billing document

    Delivery by billing document



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    Mohan Phani Krishna Bobba
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    The T.Code for Copy Control between sales order and delivery is VTLA(Delivery with reference to an order)


    The T.Code for Control between sales order and billing document is VTFA(Order related billing scenario)


    The T.Code for Control between delivery and billing document is VTFL(Delivery related billing scenario)


    The T.Code for Copy Control between sales order and Sales order is VTAA.It is used in the case of creating returns order/credit memo request/debit memo request.


    The T.Code for Control between billing document and billing document is VTFF.It is used in the case of cancelling an invoice.


    Pls go through the following link for your reference.


    [Copy Control|]





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    Pradyumna patel
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    Copying Control is one of the control parameter in SD, beacuse of which we are able to create one document with reference to the another document.

    For example, we can create a Sales order (OR) with reference to a  Quotation(QT) .


    If we want to create a document with reference to another document then they must be present as a pair in the Copy control table.


    Copy control is available for each level of the document. For example, it is available for Header level, Item level and Schedule line level of the Sales document as it has three levels.


    Copy control is made up of


    - Data Transfer Routines

    - Copying Requirement &

    - few check boxes (switches) for specific control.


    Data Transfer Routines copies the data from the Source document to the Target document , but before copying, it checks whether the Copying requirements are met or not. If the Copying requirement are not met then data will not be copied , rather system may give you error, warning messages and sometime it may terminate the processing.


    Few examples of copying requirements below.


    Copying requirement "001" at Header level checks that Sold-to-party and Sales area must be same in both source and target document otherwise data will not be copied.


    Copying requirement "301" at Item level, checks the completion and rejection status of the item. If the item has been rejected or completed status then system will not copy the item to the target document.


    Copying requirement "501" at Schedule line level checks that open quantity must be greater than zero otherwise it will not copy.


    The Routines and Requirement are written in ABAP/4 programming language. You can you t.code VOFM for this.

    You can create a new copying requirement if it is not available in standard SAP but you need the help of your ABAP Consultant.


    The transaction code for copying control has already been given by other members, follow that.

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    chandrasekhar saripalli
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    This is a frequently asked question in the forum, you can get much info if you search for the same, please check the below link


    Copy controls




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    G Lakshmipathi
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