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Enhance Method Problem

Christian Ableiter
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I try to enhance a Method like described in this Thread...

Re: Sending Email using the Outlook Client


What I did so far...

1) In Transaction "bsp_WD_CMPWB"  I choosed Component "BP_ADDR" and created a copy in our "Z_CRM" EnhancementSet

2) I used the right Mousebutton to Enhance the "BP_ADDR/StandardAddress" View


Two things had been automatically generated/created...

- Table Contents BSPWD_CMP_C_REPL



3) I doubleclick on the enhanced View "BP_ADDR/StandardAddress"

    (-> In the "View Layout" node the StandardAddress.html is still using the Super Classes / Implementation Class CL_BP_ADDR_STANDARDADDRES_CN01 )

4) If I go to Implemetation Class CL_BP_ADDR_STANDARDADDRESS_CN01

5) Select method "GET_P_E_MAILSMT" (and look into the coding)

   The enhancement Functions there are not working for meu2026

   I tried the Button with the (Sprial / helix)

   and the Menu "Edit"-> "Enhancement Operations"


Where is my error?! (I think I have to create a ZClass for the CL_BP_ADDR_STANDARDADDRES_CN01?!?!? But how to???)



I will give all possible points for good answers

Thanks for helpingu2026

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    Masood Imrani
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    Hi Chris,

    First generate a Z class for the Context Node class, selecting option REGENERATE GET_I methods by right click on the context node. Then go ahead and replace the Z class with CL in the HTML page in attributes section and save. This will save a copy of the HTML page in your BSP Application.



    Masood Imrani S.

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      Sijo john
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      In CRM 6.0  right click on the corresponding context node and  and select Regenerate GET_I Methods to change it to ZContextnode class.


      In CRM 7.0  right click on the corresponding context node and select Enhance to change the std context node class to ZContextnode class.


      such a way you will get the ZContext classes in the view layout page attributes.




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    Ismail Shaik
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    Some times I also faced problems to create Zclass for standard ones. But you can do one trick to create Zclass.


    Try to create one dummy attribute in your context node, then it will creates  automatically Zclass for that node. Later you can delete that attribute.


    If you get any problems to create P-getter method, then copy the IF_BSP_WD_MODEL_SETTER_GETTER~_GET_P_XYZ template method and rename to GET_P_E_MAILSMT.





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    Christian Ableiter
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    Thanks to you ALL...


    I finaly solved the Problem.

    Aftert enhancing the Context node - the ZImp. Class was not updated in my Treeview. (I opend the Transaction in the morning and found the ZImpl. Class... )


    Ismail: If you search in the SAP Notes (OSS) for the transaction bsp_WD_CMPWB -> you will find some notes which sound like your "Some times I also faced problems"



    Again - thanks to all...