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Error 70  - Código do status 225: Rejeição: Falha no Schema XML da Nfe.

Marc de Ruijter
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Bom dia grupo!


Nós estamos atualmente recebendo a seguinte mensagem de erro da SEFAZ relacionado aos batches que nós enviamos: Error status 70 "Error from the authorities" and Código do status (Status Code) 225: Rejeição: Falha no Schema XML da Nfe.


Nossa configuração é 46C com muitos OSS notes aplicados (veja abaixo)


Nós estamos realmente parados neste momento e não temos nem ideia de onde começar.



Marc de Ruijter









OSS notes for NF-e phase 2

989115      Nota Fiscal Electronica (NF-e) - Overview Note

852302      Implementation Overview ISS 2004 - Legal Change MP135/LC116

759965      New Condition Formulas for MP-135 and ISS 2004

747607      Basic Customizing for MP135 and ISS legal change Brazil

980214      DDIC changes: PIS / Cofins Tax Law and Tax Situation

981123      PIS / Cofins Tax Law and Tax Situation

981687      NFe: For Services in Muncipio Sao Paulo

934846      Syntax error: TYPE-POOL 'SXRT' is unknown

979881      Message S 000 in NF writer when mandatory fields not filled

980213      Nota Fiscal Electronica (NF-e) of SEFAZ - Phase 2

1037070      NF-e of SEFAZ - Phase 2, Enhancement 01

1014600      No output found for the Nota Fiscal

1052575      NF-e of SEFAZ - Phase 2 / DDIC changes after shipment

1043688      NF-e of SEFAZ - Phase 2, Enhancement 02

1062468      NF-e: Multiple volume structure for XML file

1062251      NF-e: Extension of BADI Interface FILL_HAEDER

1070261      NF-e of SEFAZ - Phase 2, Enhancement 03

1094041      NF-e of SEFAZ - Phase 2, Enhancement 04

1000130      Public System for Digital Bookkeeping (SPED) - Overview Note

1008306      SD: Manual changes of CFOP for services when ISS tax applies

998194      Missing ISS Tax Situation in the Nota Fiscal

1047606      SD/Brazil: Using of error log during Nota Fiscal creation

120449      SD-Brazil Exchange variance error in Nota Fiscal

92383      LSA:BR:SD: Tax laws in return nota fiscal

689157      Nota Fiscal Split and number of Packages

987882      ISS Tax Law (field J_1BTAXLW3) not copied from sales order

989965      CFOP redermination in the delivery document not working

909835      Message 8B 679 raised during the delivery process

337554      SD: No. of packages in Nota Fiscal

533046      Repair order inconsistent to object list

920330      Error when changing the tax codes in a sales order

998195      PIS/COFINS/ISS Tax Law and Tax Situation in SD

104606      EDI/IDoc: Mapping IDoc types to ANSI X12

1094041      NF-e of SEFAZ - Phase 2, Enhancement 04

1105588      J_1BLFZF: Runtime error OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED


     OSS notes for XML ver 1.1 and NF-e phase 3

1065334      NF-e: Extension of BADI Interface FILL_ITEM with tax table

1068615      NF-e: Extension of BADI Interface with SD document flow

1079826      NF-e: BAdI Interface Enhancement for NF Messages

1069919      NF-e: Partner in Block E should always be main partner

1090279      NF-e monitor: automatic refresh upon user actions

1093252      NF-e: ICMS tax situation in XML File and DANFE

1113127      NFe: New XML Layout - Version 1.10

1114348      NF-e - xNFe integration - backend

1122294      Send/resend NF-e: fill VBFA for BAdI item method

1124075      NF-e: Serie not taken from Contingency NF-Type

1144194      NF-e: Cancellation/Skipping Reason


     Bug Fix notes for NF-e BAPI.

1049946      NF-e: Adaption of Nota Fiscal Bapis

1147934      NFe: Random number should not be generated for incoming NFes

1150733      NFe: Randon number and check digit not cleared

1154995      NF-e: NF BAPI - enhancement for NF-e processing

1158622      NF-e: NF BAPI - no input of random number possible


     Bug Fix notes for Contingency process

1158612      NF-e: Wrong partner in Block-E for Entrada

1240212      NF-e: One time Vendor data not transferred to XML file

1255450      NF-e: Jurisdiction code for one time vendor / customer

1257030      NF-e: Country Name for one time vendor / customer

1069018      Cancellation of incoming NFe shows error J1B_NFE 003

1070077      NF-e: Protocol number and document status for Denied NF-e

1145148      NFe: Cancellation for Contingency NFes

1152263      NF-e monitor: wrong action status '7' for C-NF-e

1146914      NFe: Synchronous call to messaging system from backend

1149356      NFe: Dump when NFe is cancelled with MIGO

1152081      NFe: Dump when NFe is cancelled with VL09

1153533      NFe: Dump when NFe in contingency is cancelled with VL09

1156116      NF-e: Contingency by stock transfers

1160107      NF-e: Cancellation of contingency NF-e with DOCSTA = 1 or 2

1161347      NF-e: Cancellation of Contingency NF-e - correction

1238648      NF-e monitor: req. action '3' (send) wrong for swtch. NF-e

1165953      NF-e: Numbering Gaps

1244326      NF-e: Numbering gaps - Status update in table J_1BNFENUMGAP

1245425      NF-e monitor: required process step - contingency

1252567      NF-e: Resend of NF-e - rejected or with validation error

1266344      NF-e: Action Indicator for NF-e with validation error

1254565      NF-e: Synchronization of RFC call between ERP and xNFe

1053626      MIRO: wrong document reference in nota fiscal

1073259      NF-e: Transfers - Outgoing NF-e No. not taken by Incoming

1153874      NF-e: GR for future delivery takes wrong NF-e number

1174946      NF-e: Serie not considered for duplicate NF-e number in MIRO



     Miscellaneous bug fix notes

1175538      NF-e: Reference between NF and NF-e

1244881      NF-e: Mixed scenario in MIRO shows error 8B219

1257422      MIRO: Error 8B 219 by posting of reference invoices

1150843      NFe: Text for cancel reason not transferred to XML file


     Bug Fix Notes Group 2

1059699      NF-e: Reference between NF and NF-e

1139062      NF-e incoming: Posted via J1B1N -> Wrong Document Status

1144199      NF-e: SD Billing and Contingency

1145089      NF-e: Cancellation despite rejected cancel request

1149787      NF-e: Wrong status-code text in NF-e history

1151112      NF-e: cancellation-reason text gets lost (pre req of 1150172)

1150172      NF-e monitor: selection leads to dump

1068379      Creation of Billing document issues an error 8B 145 (pre req of 1145089)

1152842      NF-e: cancellation reason does not work

1154700      NF-e: Random number & check digit not stored in active table

1073145      PIS / COFINS Tax Laws for Transfers (pre req for 1155231)

1082527      Missing PIS / COFINS Tax Laws for Transfers (pre req for 1155231)

997868      VL02N: CFOP, tax laws not copied from delivery (error 8B148) u2013 (pre req of 1155231)

1155231      PIS/COFINS tax law in NF/NF-e by split valuated material

1155424      NF-e monitor: Menu -> "Check MS Connection" does not work

1159177      NF-e: FUNC J_1B_NFE_SET_STATUS_IN_BACKEND set as Rem.Enabl

1161951      NF-e monitor: "Resend" functionality.

1162232      NF-e: switch to contingency not possible after MSS Update

1162512      NF-e: cancellation reason not initial at first-time call.

1162629      NF-e: creation date gets deleted from NF-e data-base table

1164283      NF-e: SCS '5' - upon authr.to cancel system does not cancel

1165155      NF-e Monitor: BACK (F3) leads to cancellation

1165360      NF-e Monitor: new selection parameter - creation user

1168394      NF-e: Reference document not taken from Nota Fiscal header

1168798      NF-e: User decision for used NF-Type for Material Movements

1171383      NF Writer: Copy NF-e that was switched to contingency.

799445      Nota Fiscal creation: Consideration of local dates (pre req of 1171383)

1104003      NF-Writer: Serie not taken from Reference NF (pre req of 1171383)

1156037      NF-e: NF-Writer allow reference with different NF-types (pre req of 1171383)

1175759      NF-e: central contingency per business place - correction

1239598      NF-e: Random number and check digits are lost in NF writer.

1163888      NF-e: Random Number includes spaces (pre req of 1239598)

1245425      NF-e monitor: required process step u2013 contingency. u2013 applied in bug fix notes no need to apply.

1246700      NF-e: Wrong reference for NF entradas.

1257688      NF-e: Update termination with error J1B_NFE 021

1258021      NF-e: Dump by creation of NF header text for XML file

1258974      NF-e: Monitor report aborts with DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_RSQL

1265172      NF-e - Decouple RFC from DB Update

1285851      NF-e: Cancellation of none authorized documents

1288925      NF-e: References between NF-e and non NF-e

1272677      NF-e: Cancellation for Material Document with serial number (pre req for 1288925)

1247602      NF-e: Cancellation of material documents with serial numbers

1163104      NF-e: Cancel Material documents with initial cancel reason

1293944      NF-e: Cancellation of material documents with batch classes.

1267128      NF-e: Cancellation goods movement with MVT 844 not possible (pre req for 1293944)

1300000      NF-e: Decouple - Contingency

1314856      NF-e: Decouple - Contingency in J1BNFE and VF01 & VF04

1321837      F-e: Cancel of material documents not possible

1092028      NF-e: Protocol number in NF-header overwritten (pre req for 1265172)

1114283      NF-e: cancellation - document status cleared in J_1BNFDOC (pre req for 1265172)

1234053      Local time / local date in NF header and NF-e XML (pre req for 1265172)

1288994      NF-e: Decupling note 1265172 causes error for incoming NF-e (pre req for 1300000)

1297042      NF-e: NF-e number missed in access key after decoupling (pre req for 1300000)

1087535      RFFOBR_A,U:Doc.no should be filled with 9 digits in DME file Applied OSS note 1087535 to the object Z_RFFORIY1 which was copied from RFFORIY1


1097455      NFE: Bank files should accommodate Doc. Numbers with 9 digits

304961      Wrong boleto check digit with carteira data (pre req of 1097455) - Not relevant

336117      Include due date factor in Boleto barcode for A/R (pre req of 1097455) - Not relevant

705726       ITAU: Boleto has negative interest value (pre req of 1097455) - Not relevant

846297      Func Mod - BOLETO_DATA not printing correct nosso numero (pre req of 1097455) - Not relevant

852782       BOLETO_DATA - Corrections of note 846297 for Bredesco only (pre req of 1097455) - Not relevant

1227478      Dump in payment run (F110) when XBLNR is empty

1138278      NFe: Field PREDBC not filled in XML interface structure (pre req of 1149585)

1149585       NFe: CST field required in XML file for taxes not in NFe

1053855      VL02N raises error 8B 053 "Branch not foundu201D

1165696      RFEBBU00: Error in batch input due to changes in Nota Fiscal

1180402      NF-e: BADI methods FILL_HEADER and FILL_ITEM

1180672      NF-e: Gap numbering check doesnu2019t consider the series

1225338      RFEBBU00: Additional changes to the note 1165696

1241922      NF-e: Report J_1BNFECHECKNUMBERRANGES xNFe adaption

1244326      NF-e: Numbering gaps - Status update in table J_1BNFENUMGAP (Applied using other Kintana)

1270813      NF-e: Year not included in the XML file

1247264      NF-e: Error in RFC to /XNFE/NFE_CREATE after note 1241922 (pre req for 1274200)

1274200      NF-e: Numbering gaps report sends SERIE with spaces

1276185      NF-e: Numbering gaps report sends SERIE with spaces

1294917      NF-e: Gap numbering check - several corrections

1324538      Missing address for OT Customer in J_1B_NFE_CREATE_TXT_FILE

1331432      NF-e: Numbering gaps report detects gaps for initial series

1332167      NF-e: Rep. J_1BNFECHECKNUMBERRANGES aborts with error DC 006

1092341      RFFOBR_A,RFFOBR_D: Performance problem while rebate calcula

1237089      RFEBBU10:While uploading ITAU Bank returnfile- Error(F5 170)

1051314      Check Digit missing from Boleto number (pre req for 1306966)

1306966      J_1BBR30:XREF3 is not updated correctly with Boletofrom bank

1005924      RFFOBR_A-The DME file does not include Rebate for ITAU (pre req for 1287633)

1287633      RFFOBR_A: Discount amount not calculated correctly

1234054      NF-e: function J_1B_NFE_MS_REQUESTS_DATA is not RFC enabled

1297534      NFe cancellation problems in GRC

1243964      NF-e: Adaption of xNFe interface of function NFE/NFE_SKIP

1165746      NF-e: Cancel - Error log not updated

1327465      The program /xnfe/update_erp_status is not updating R/3

1326691      BAdI for controlling the RFC call of external systems

1333136      Prevent simultaneous click on buttons in NF-e monitor

1333742      NF-e got the status 218

1354192      Validation rules: correction for fields TPLACA and T_UF1

1373175      Lock object for /XNFE/NFE_CREATE to prevent double transm

1376500      BAPIRET2 to provide the detailed information to ERP

1267455      Not possible to create different DOCREF per item using BAPI (pre req for 1373321)

1373321      BAPI_J_1B_NF_CREATEFROMDATA: DOCREF from Header go to item

1328583      NF-Writer posting of NF/NFe when mandatory fields not filled

1338166      NF-e: Random number and check digit lost after note 1328583

1259918      NF-e: RFC calls for request for cancellation or skip

1152140      NF-e: backend allows inconsistent new SCS (pre-req for 1298283)

1162852      NF-e: Inbound errors missed in error log of Monitor Report (pre-req for 1298283)

1163056      NF-e: Problems with printing via BADI method CALL_RSNAST00 (pre-req for 1298283)

1276438      NF-e: Parallel Phase not identified in messaging system (pre-req for 1298283)

1296515      NF-e: J1BNFE reset rejected NF-e after skipping request (pre-req for 1298283)

1297823      NF-e: Cancelled NF-e shows wrong action indicator (pre-req for 1298283)

1298283      NF-e: Skip for NF-e with validation error

1362969      NF-e: check cancellation for billing documents

1368159      NF-e: cancellation of invoices via original application only

1370933      NF-e: Accept Rejection to Cancel - wrong status in monitor

1376324      NF-e: Skip for NF-e with validation error

1140579      NFe: Field length conflicts from backend interface to XML

1357713      NF-e: Cancel of incoming NF-es does not update active table.

1173018      NF-e: Field control for Random Number and Check Digit (pre-req for 1366320)

1321517      NF-e: MIRO Credit Memos for NF-e shows error 8B 020 (pre-req for 1366320)

1366320      NF-e MIRO:Save is allowed without mandatory fields filled for NFe

1375066      NF-e: J_1BNFECHECKNUMBERRANGES ends too early, wrong subrc

1375894      NF-e: J1BNFE authority check for company code

1377879      NF-e: Report J_BNFECALLRFC aborts with message A098

1379062      NF-e: posting GR after cancellation leads to wrong NF-e

1357777      Cancel billing document without Nota Fiscal cancellation

1380861      NF-e Resend(proc.stat.07) with Signature error impossible

1362025      Error while sending Bacen Code EX with 0 on begining

1249819      NF-e: Field MODFRETE filled incorrectly