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Message no. K/111 CO-PA Characteristic Derivation

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Hi Experts,


We are   receiving   error message t  when tries to amend project as per below:


Error occurred in derivation rule. See long text


    Message no. K/111     CO-PA Characteristic Derivation



    Step 0044 Profit Centre to Business Unit


    No entry in a derivation rule was found for the specified source fields.


    The derivation rule was set up so that an error message appears when

    this happens.


    The required derivation rule entry would need the following source



     Profit Center






Create an entry in a derivation rule for these source field values. Make      sure that entries exist for all the valid source field values. If the      derivation should not always be carried out, you can also define a      derivation rule so that no error message appears if a derivation rule   entry does not exist.



The profit centre P9025 is included in the KEDE derivation table - and so this message does not seem to apply - regardless of whether the business unit assigned is correct or not, as a derivation rule does exist.


Kindly do the needful.


With regards,


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