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Control key tables..

sap125 P
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We have developed a report involving control key and Qty confirmed..


There is a bug in the report  that the quantities are not getting fetched correctly as that of in COOIS -confirmations.


SO for analysis we need to search for the tables... Can anybody tell me the table name that contains the Control keys and the quantity of confirmation, order etc..


Please help me out...

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    Girish Adaviswamy
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    First go to CAUFV,input the order number and execute.take the group and group counter and go to PLAS table .input the group and group counter,also with deletion indicator filed not equal to X and execute.then from PLAS table take the all the group ,nodes and go to PLPO table ,input Group and nodes with the control key.you will get the list of operations with that control key.


    Then feed this operation details with Order in AFRU table,you will get the confirmed quantity.


    Hope it helps

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    Chandrashekhar Damale
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    The contril key field is STEUS and you will find in following tables


    AFVC                             Operation within an order

    CRHD                             Work Center Header

    PLPO                             Task list - operation/activity

    T430                             Operation/Activity control key

    TABLO                            Assignment table-orders to activities






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    RadhaKrishna MK
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    You can use the following tables for Identifying the control key / operation / activity / qty  etc.








    Hope this will help you.



    Radhak mk

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    Ashish Vaidya
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                                Table        Filed

    Control key          PLPO          STEUS