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Upload MIME Picture in SAP

Rizwan Ahmad Siddiqui
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Hi All,


Please let me know how to upload a logo/Picture into SAP so that I can display it on Custom Screen using custom control.


Once the picture is available in SAP then I can display it on screen. But my problem is I am not able to register any picture in MIME. Please help me out.

I already tried SE78 and OAER transaction but these are not working. Even if it is exported to SAP through SE78 or OAER its not getting displayed. Something else we need to do? what is that ?


The objects which are in WWWPARAMS database table can be displayed easily on screen but I want to display my logo.


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    Brad Bohn
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    What is wrong with your MIME repository upload?  Did you upload the logo to the MIME repository using SMW0?  Assuming you did, then display the logo as follows (assuming you have created the screen elements and PBO code for the custom container and picture control):

    *   Get the url to the picture
            OBJID    = 'Z_MY_LOGO_NAME'
            URL      = GV_URL
            OTHERS   = 1.
    *   Load the picture by using the url generated by the data provider
        IF SY-SUBRC EQ 0.
              URL = GV_URL.


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    Marcin Pciak
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    Check this [Uploading Image to MIME repository|FM for uploading Image to SAP;

    Also take a look at Image in Custom Control




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    Chandra mahanta
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    Hi ,


    May be this would be helpfull to you.


    Go to Tcode SMW0 --> Select Binary File --> Execute --> Then provide the package name, Object name --> Execute --> Now go to settings and check whether the type(extension e.g. '.jpg') of objet you want to upload is present there or not under maintain option . If not then create the extension type there and save it. --> go to settings again and then choose assignment --> select the extension type you have just maintained and then provide the path to the object to be uploaded. > now select the create button on the application tool bar and provide any name that must be a z or y object.> save it in a package and come out of the screen pressing back --> now provide the object you have entered while running the tcode SMWO for the 1st time --> press execute --> you will find the z object is created. now you can use this MIME object where you want ..