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Reading webi report variable using .NET SDK

John Clare
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Hi All,


I'm trying to access and read variables in Webi reports programmatically.


Having used .NET in the past and having no experience of Java I have opted for the .NET route.


I have got as far as connecting to a Webi document using BusinessObjects.ReportEngine. I can then list and access the DataProviders which is different queries but can not find how to access the variables.


I'm using XI3.1 and the latest V12 SDK files.


Can anyone help or point me in the right direction please?





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    Hello, John;


    The documentation for the Report Engine is on line. Look for the [Developer Guide|http://help.sap.com/businessobject/product_guides/boexir31/en/resdk_net_dg_12_en.chm] and the [API Reference|http://help.sap.com/businessobject/product_guides/boexir31/en/resdk_net_apiRef_12_en.chm].


    The code you need can be found in Note 1364779 on our Support portal:


    Dim cms_name As String = System.Environment.MachineName
    Dim username As String = "username"
    Dim password As String = "password"
    Dim authType As String = "secEnterprise"
    Dim boSessionMgr As New SessionMgr
    Dim boEnterpriseSession As CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.EnterpriseSession
    boEnterpriseSession = boSessionMgr.Logon(username, password, cms_name, authType)
    Dim boInfoStore As CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.InfoStore
    boInfoStore = New CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.InfoStore(boEnterpriseSession.GetService("InfoStore"))
    Dim boInfoObjects As InfoObjects
    Dim qry As String = "Select SI_ID from CI_INFOOBJECTS Where SI_KIND = 'Webi' and SI_NAME ='WebI Prompt Sample'"
    boInfoObjects = boInfoStore.Query(qry)
    Dim boInfoObject As InfoObject
    boInfoObject = boInfoObjects(1)
    Dim token As String = boEnterpriseSession.LogonTokenMgr.CreateLogonTokenEx("", 30, 30)
    Dim boReportEngines As New ReportEngines(token)
    Dim boReportEngine As IReportEngine
    boReportEngine = boReportEngines.getService(ReportEngineType.WI_ReportEngine)
    Dim boDocumentInstance As IDocumentInstance
    Dim docID As Integer = boInfoObject.ID
    boDocumentInstance = boReportEngine.OpenDocument(docID)
    Dim boPrompts As IPrompts
    boPrompts = boDocumentInstance.GetPrompts
    Dim newVals(1) As String
    newVals(0) = "2002"
    newVals(1) = "2003"
    Dim boPrompt As IPrompt
    boPrompt = boPrompts.Item(0)
    Dim boReport As BusinessObjects.ReportEngine.IReport
    boReport = boDocumentInstance.Reports(0)
    Dim boHtmlView As IHtmlView
    boHtmlView = boReport.GetView(OutputFormatType.Html)
    Dim myStringBuilder As New System.Text.StringBuilder
    Dim myStringWriter As New System.IO.StringWriter(myStringBuilder)
    Dim myTextWriter As New System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter(myStringWriter)



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      John Clare
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      Hi Elaine,


      Thanks for your reply but that doesn't answer my question.


      I have already written code which does the same as the code you posted (although in C#) but I still can't find out how to read variables within a report.


      Do you have any ideas of how to do this?


      Kind Regards,



      • How can i view report using opendocument.aspx
        Zeeshan Sadiq
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        My Code Is


        IDocumentInstance webiDoc = webiReportEngine.OpenDocument(report.ID);

        IPrompts prompts = webiDoc.GetPrompts();

        foreach(IPrompt prompt in prompts)


        // set prompt values here if report have prompts






        Using ASP.NET C#

        Now i want to view this document using openDocument.aspx? like


        string webiURL = "http://" machineName "/OpenDocument/opendoc/opendocument.aspx?iDocID=" + webiID + "&sType=wid&sWindow=Same&token=" + token + "



        The issue is how to pass parameters value if reports have prompts ...