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AA617 Acquisition value negative in area 01

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Can anyone please explainthe reason why i get the error message: "AA617 Acquisition value negative in area 01" when doing asset transfer in trasnaction AIBU?


During test in Dev environment, i got this error message. I was able to resolve it by ticking the "Neg. Values Allowed" in the AUC Depreciation area.


However, when i test again in Quality system, i do not have this error. The data i have processed in Dev and Quality are replicates. The only difference is that in Dev i am posting transfer in periods already in previous fiscal year. While in Quality, the asset transfer and asset creation date are all in the current fiscal year.


Is this the reason why?

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    Ananthapadmanaban V
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    check the value of the asset in the previous period and the current period.


    there might be some -ve postings happend

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    Pankaj Bhalerao
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    Is ther any acquisition done through MM. Please check if so acquisition through MM may be there negative acquisition.


    Have check meticuliously by each transaction or PO , MIRO codes. Beacause I have gone through same problem later on


    I have resolved.


    First please check your acquisition values.


    Hope it helps to solve your problem.


    If you need more clarification please revert.





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      Dear  Pankaj,


      There's no acquisition done through MM. I have posted AUC acquisition in transaction FB05.


      When posting Retirement asset trasnfer, AIBU, i get the error message. What i am trying to understand is why and how i get this error?


      Acquisition value is not negative.


      What other areas should i check?


      I was able to resolve the error, but  i just want to understand why i have the error message...

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    arbee ali
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    Of course.

    In dev, the +ve value is from previous year, while the -ve value is during the year. System read as no +ve value in area 01 during  the year. How to deduct if there is no acquisition during the same year? Thus, system gave error Acquisition value negative in area 01.


    In qas, the +ve and -ve value is in the same year. No error occurred.


    Hope this helps.

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    Grzegorz Burda
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    This is old post but I think everybody would like to know where the problem is:

    1. When you post something on Fixed Asset on i.e. 05.05.2015 then you are not allowed to send that to final asset on 04.05.2015 - value on 04.05.2015 is ZERO

    2. When you have posted i.e. +10 and after -5 on Fixed asset then you have 5 to be transfered to final asset. So final asset value is 5. While doing AIAB and when you run reconciliation then in one moment after "sending" first 10 to final asset, for a brief time the value of this asset in minus -> asset value is 5 (irrelaltive value) -> you take 10 (first transaction) -> negative value of asset.


    So all and all timing in Fixed assets is very important.