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AR aging report (summary by customer)

Celso Porras Francisco
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Hi Experts,


I would like to ask if how to create an aging report showing only the:


1. Customer

2. Credit Limit

3. Payment Term

4. Total AR

5. Due 0-30

6. Due 31-60

7. Due 61-90

8. Not Due


Hopefully the balance should be the same as with FBL5N. We have around 100 customers and we would like to see in one file only the summary per customer not not really the line items. Thanks.


I have consumed a lot of time searching for the answers in the forum but I cannot clearly figure out how to proceed. Which tcode do I configure this? Thanks in advance

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    Tony Elvin-Jensen
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    Hi CPF,


    You may have to get an ABAP developer to do this for you, but before you do, I would recommend looking at Credit management in AR.  There is a bit of config to set it up, depending on your use, but there is quite a bit of reporting available there, and I seem to recall it being quite flexible.  I think you will find what you want in there.



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    Burak Uygur
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    Did you check  "S_ALR_87012178 - Customer Open Item Analysis by Balance of Overdue Items" report?




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    Ravi Sankar Venna
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    If standard report does not suffice your requirement, then create your own.


    FOR vendor USE K in transaction code instead of D.




    The following example I have given is for customers.

    The only difference is in transaction codes. For customer you go to FDI1, for vendor you go to FKI1 (reports).

    For Customer you go to FDI4, for vendor you go to FKI4 for forms.

    Remaining all are the same.




    Go to transaction code FDI4

    Select Form Type RFFRRD20 Line item analysis

    Give your form name and description

    Structure (Two axis) - as defaulted

    Click on Create

    You will have lead column

    Delete the rows 2, 3 and 4

    Double click on column 1

    Enter the customer numbers from 1 to 999999


    First column double click (A)

    Slelect following values

    Due date analysis 1

    Days for net due date 0 to 30

    Give the short name, medium name and long text for the column.


    Repeat this step in next columns like 31 to 60, 61 to 90, 91 to 120 and 121 to 99999 days etc in other columns and select due date analysis 1. (B,C,D,E)


    Create one more column by way of formula. To create a new column you need to double click on blue line. Put formula add all five columns you have created above. (F = ABCDE)


    You prepare one more column with

    Due date analysis 2 (G)


    Now you prepare one more column add (F+G) = This will be total open items = over due and not due.


    Now go to FDI1 and prepare a report - assign the form created in FDI4 to the report.


    Characteristics you need to select are


    Account Type (Select Account Type as D for customers)



    Document Type

    Special G/L Ind

    Company Code


    Change the output types and options according to your requirement.


    Refer FDI2 and FDI3 for other standard reports created.

    Refer FDI5 and FDI6 for other standard forms created.


    Save your report and execute.