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Employee responsible determination

Ignacio Nattero
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We have a partner determination procedure for sales orders. Within this procedure, the partner function "employee responsible" is determined with the access sequence "CH08: Organizational data: Employee of Responsible Organizational Unit". This is working properly when creating a sales order in CRM, but it isn't working when creating a sales order in R/3 and transferring it to CRM (even though the responsible organizational unit is determined correctly). Do you know how to determine the employee responsible in CRM sales order when creating an R/3 sales order?

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    Kaushal Trivedi
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    I have faced the same problem in replicating contract from R/3 to CRM. The access sequence doesnt get called.


    The best thing you can do is to determine the implement BADI ECRM_DOWNLOAD in CRM and set employee responsible in the BADI method CRM_DOWNLOAD_FILL_DATA




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    Hi Nattero


    Could please tell us what logic u have used for determinig


    Organization model.We have created an


    organization.Organization determination has to be


    happened based on the Transaction type.Which is


    happening,that not a problem.


    We have assigned Employee Responsible for deferent


    organization.Now when we run transaction "Business


    Activity" we are able to get org determination


    automatically.But "employee responsible" is not


    reflecting.We have configure Partner determination


    processing(pdp).Select source as organization model in


    partner determination.


    Actually what we need is determination of "employee


    responsible" in transaction activity based on




    Thanks in advance


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