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Sending custom data from POS to ERP

Jayesh Dongre
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Hi all,


We have a scenario where we want to transmitt some custom data from POS to ECC. We have XI configured and data transfer takes place through transnet from POS to ECC.


I want to know if there is some standard feature available for such custom data transmission either on POS or SAP side. The data i am talking about is mainly prospective sales data. For example. if customer walks in to store and wants a product which is not available then we want POS to punch in customers details. Once the store guy punches in data it needs to be communicated to SAP/ECC.



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    Suhas Bhargave
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    Are you referring to POS or EPOS ? I can answer in relation to EPOS but not POS.



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    Abhijit Bolakhe
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    You can do this using SRS (SAP Retail Store).

    we need to activate some services for activating SRS in IS Retail.

    In POS , there is a Concept called Customer Order Management (COM)  which can fulfill your Requirement.




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    Mohamed Suhail Shaik Mohamed
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    Are you using POS DM in your landscape?

    For this scenario you could actually use 'Pending transactions' from SAP POS. There is standard content available in PI for the same. If you are using customer database then it needs enhancement. POS DM (if used) can capture the customer information in the customized fields.

    In POS, you can control whether the revenue should be recognized at Sale/Pickup. If it is at pickup as per your scenario, I would suggest to let the transaction post in the backend once the pickup is complete, till that the transaction can be on the store server.


    Hope this helps

    Suhail Shaik

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    Carsten Strauss
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    there is no standard content available in PI neither for the upload nor for the download of customer master data from ERP to SAP POS or vice versa from SAP POS to ERP.

    If your main problem is to link sales transactions to an already existing customer that already exists in ERP  than I would recommend that you to use the WP_PER01 or the DEBMAS05 IDoc in order to download the data from ERP to SAP POS. The IDocs must be converted into the CUSTTXN.ASC file format for SAP POS in SAP PI. If you want to maintain these customer you should do this centrally in ERP or via SAP Retail Store.

    Now you can link your sales to the customer database.

    Theoretically it would also be possible to create customers decentrally in the store usind the DEBMAS IDoc or a BAPI. But in fact this cannot be recommended as you should have in mind that you allow to decentral applications to change central data asynchronously.


    Regards Carsten

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    Yatin Vyas
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    If I understand you right, you want to capture customer walk-in (Footfall) information of those customers which are not converted in to sale due to some reason like product unavailable, short of stock etc. Via POS

    I like to know which version of SAPPOS (Point of Sale) & converter (XI) you are working on.

    If you required these data only for report and analyze purpose then itu2019s possible with XI and BI/BW

    As Carsten says there is no standard content available but if you required in ECC then itu2019s possible with the help of abaper.